We Tried 12 Out-Of-The-Box McDonald's Combinations

Once, in the good old days, McDonald's hacks were all about making the most of the fast food chain's menu. Yes, in the past foodies took to the internet to explain how to buy a burger that tastes like the more costly Big Mac for the humble price of a McDouble. And social media advocated for Micky D's food combos like piling hash browns on a McMuffin. But then, somewhere, we as a people lost our way. Because in 2023 everyone on social media seems to be competing to come up with the most cursed-sounding out-of-the-box McDonald's food combos you could possibly imagine.

Quarter Pounders with peanut butter, McFlurries with hash browns, Hi-C with creamer: These whacky hacks have probably made you wonder if people actually like these oddball-sounding Franken-combos or if they are just picking two McDonald's items out of a hat and trying them so they can get a shot at going viral on TikTok. We at Mashed set out to answer that very question. With an iron will and an iron stomach, we tried 12 of the oddest McDonald's combos known to social media. As food lovers, we reviewed them based on their flavor merits. As food scientists in the midst of an experiment, we broke down the facts — their price points and history or lack thereof as flavor duos — for your benefit (prices may vary depending on your location). Here are the results.

1. Quarter Pounder and peanut butter

Whether it's peanut butter and jelly, peanut butter and honey, or peanut butter and bananas, PB is the ultimate team player. And, according to one TikToker, PB and a McDonald's Quarter Pounder is the underdog team winning the big game in your favorite cheesy football movie. We're really starting off strong here by spreading PB on a burger packed with onions, ketchup, and cheese — as a brief disclaimer, the sandwich also comes with pickles but to stay true to the hack in the video, we removed them before PBing the Quarter Pounder up.

However, while our hands were trembling as we piled peanut butter onto the top bun of the Quarter Pounder, after we tried this odd burger we knew we need not be afraid. The PB and Quarter Pounder hack is delectable.

Perhaps this is because the PB is on the top bun so the cheese, onions, and ketchup act as a flavor barrier over the meat, ensuring that the peanut butter doesn't overwhelm the burger. In fact, rather than dominating the sandwich, the PB adds a creamy, subtly nutty note of flavor to it that we actually really enjoyed. This hack is also inexpensive; assuming that you already have PB, you only have to pay the $7.79 for the Quarter Pounder. Peanut butter, we're sorry we ever doubted your ability to taste good in any recipe. We give this hack a big thumbs up.

2. Pancake syrup and McNuggets

Out of all the wacky combos on this list, TikTok's (it's always TikTok isn't it?) habit of dipping chicken McNuggets in pancake syrup was, in our opinion, the least concerning. After all, people have been drenching plates of waffles and chicken with syrup before Mickey D's was ever even thought of. So obviously, maple syrup and chicken have some kind of flavor chemistry. And we're happy to report we were right in our assumption.

The subtly sweet taste of pancake syrup combines beautifully with the McNuggets' fried batter, creating an almost nutty flavor. In fact, when dipped in syrup, the McNuggets' coating almost reminded us of saltier, poultry-filled flapjacks. So all in all, this hack just makes sense. It's also cost-effective and uses only ingredients you can buy directly from McDonald's. While we opted to use our own syrup, you can snag a packet (or 2) of the condiment at McDonald's even after the chain stops selling breakfast for an additional 50 cents. That, combined, with four McNuggets for $4.89 makes for a convenient and delectable flavor combo worth trying.

3. Vanilla milkshake and Tabasco

After we were scared and then pleasantly surprised by the peanut butter and Quarter Pounder combo, we slurped into TikTok's unholy-sounding vanilla milkshake and Tabasco combo with an optimistic attitude. Then we tried it and remembered some things really are as horrible as they seem. Come, let us walk you through the journey we took trying this accursed combo.

Because hot sauce is a very pungent condiment, we initially only added a few drops to the vanilla milkshake. When we stirred the Tabasco in, however, we tasted nothing. So, naturally, we added a little more, then a little more, until finally, we could actually taste the Tabasco in the ice cream. Oh and what a taste it was. Because at first, this combo isn't too bad. Your initial sip gets you this interesting bright, almost fruit-like flavor that has you thinking, "Oh, that's not horrible." But then comes the aftertaste. Strong, pungent, and, in fact, absolutely horrible, the Tabasco melds with the shake to create what can only be described as a puke-like flavor. So yeah, ice cream does not pair well with hot sauce.

We disdain this combo and no matter what social media tells you, recommend avoiding it. Yes, it's not costly to try if you already keep Tabasco at home, as a small vanilla milkshake from McDonald's will only set you back $4.39. But before you run off to drop some hot sauce in your shake, ask yourself: Is it worth the nightmares?

4. Fries and honey

We just discussed how pancake syrup was utilized by the McDonald's hackers of TikTok, and now it's another syrup's turn. However, much like maple syrup, honey also works in a fair share of out-of-the-box food combos, particularly when it comes to savory eats like grilled cheese. And so, when one TikToker suggested McDonald's lovers should dip their fries in nature's sweetener, we had high hopes that these two flavors would be friends, not foes. Our hypothesis checked out — this combo is pretty darn good.

In the same way it does when applied to ham, the honey merged with McDonald's fries' salty goodness to create not only an agreeable but a tasty flavor. In fact, this fried favorite combined with honey reminded us of some kind of fascinating fair food. And this combo is also easy and inexpensive to try. A small fry only costs $3.98 and honey packets are available at 30 cents a piece anytime at Mickey D's. All in all, this is an agreeable flavor combo you can enjoy on the go.

5. McNuggets and pickles

In 2022, TikToker Bespokendrip shocked the world by stuffing pickles in their McNuggets. The influencer's poultry pocket full of pickled cucumber went viral, earning over 848,000 views. And in 2023, another version of the same mad scientist hack by sharidyonne, who simply holds a pickle underneath a nugget rather than stuffing it, has been making the rounds. But the principle remains the same. The internet likes to combine pickles with McNuggets so we had to give the flavor duo a try.

We opted to taste this hack as Bespokendrip intended it by ripping off the top of the chicken nugget, opening up a small pocket, and stuffing a pickle into the cavity. And the results were magical. The bright vinegar of the pickles worked wonderfully with the salty taste of the chicken. Actually, this pickle-nugget combo reminded us of a mini chicken sandwich that could be easily dipped into a complementary sauce. The only major downfall of this hack is its multi-step preparation. However, as sharidyonne showed, that can easily be solved by simply placing a pickle under the nugget rather than stuffing one inside of it. And while we used our own pickles, you can get some extra on the side for free. So you'll only have to pay $4.89 for the nuggets and endure some employee's questioning looks at your order to enjoy a wild-sounding combo you won't be able to get enough of.

6. Fries and Hi-C

McDonald's is not known for its quality eats but for selling cheap food fast. However, even on its generally okay menu, there are some items foodies deem tasty standouts. This not-very extensive list includes the chain's fries, hash browns, and its Hi-C. So sacred is Micky D's iced-up version of this drink that after it was taken off the fast food giant's menu, fans across the U.S. complained and petitioned to bring it back. After four long years, McDonald's brought Hi-C back into the fold, only for some deranged person on TikTok to dip fries in the drink and insist it was a good combo. This concept was so ludicrous, so out there, we had no choice but to see if this person is Joshing the internet. Our conclusion? They have to be. Otherwise, they are a threat to society.

After we dipped a lone fry into a perfectly good Hi-C, barely any flavor was transferred to the food. And shortly after the fry was dipped it became soggy and sad. Our verdict is mind-blowing: fries dipped in Hi-C taste like fries dipped in Hi-C. Interpret this as you will but to us, it is a bad thing. At $3.98 for a small fry and $2.59 for a small Hi-C, if you want to give this combo a shot, you at the very least won't be paying extra for it. Though you're going to ruin a perfectly good fry.

7. McFlurry and McNuggets

On TikTok, the concept of dipping one's McNuggets into a McFlurry is part of perhaps the most heated ongoing foodie debate of our time: do fried food and ice cream belong together? Fries dipped in milkshakes and even fried ice cream are popular ways to enjoy this flavor. However, unlike those two ice cream and fried food combos, our next duo has a new element added in — meat. But we found that the chicken doesn't take away but only adds to this forbidden, star-crossed Mickey D's combo.

We tried it and are here to confirm that dipping chicken McNuggets in an Oreo McFlurry is incredibly delicious. Because it's so thick, the ice cream coats the chicken nugget completely, which allows you to get a burst of creamy goodness before delving into an explosion of salty-sweet flavor. And while you could try this combo, in theory, with another McFlurry flavor, we have to advocate for the Oreo McFlurry. The bits of chocolate cookie in this frozen treat add a tasty depth to the chicken nuggets that is delectable. So if you happen to buy yourself a $4.89 4-piece of McNugget and a $6.39 Oreo McFlurry, though it may sound diabolical, it's an incredibly delicious snack.

8. Sausage biscuit with jelly and mustard

Living in the shadow of Mickey D's illustrious McMuffin lineup, the sausage biscuit is a humble and faithful fast food adaption of a Southern classic. And as a variation on a biscuit, we'd argue adding jelly to this McDonald's entree is not a wild thought. However, social media just had to take things a step further. According to TikTok, both jelly and mustard belong on all good sausage biscuits. And so we spread a packet of mustard and a packet of jelly on top of our McDonald's sausage biscuit, we took a bite, and we said, "Hey, this isn't so bad. Not great but not awful."

Then we took another bite. Then another one. Then another one. We couldn't stop. We find that this combo, like fine wine, is an acquired taste. The tangy flavor of the mustard combines with the sweetness of the jelly to create a truly unique flavor that has a way of creeping into your tastebuds. Let's put it this way. A packet of McDonald's mustard costs nothing, and the jelly's only a few cents. A McDonald's sausage biscuit goes for $4.19. So for around four bucks, this combination will introduce you to a landscape of flavor you never thought imaginable.

9. Hash browns and McFlurry

A trend that is best described as the evil twin of the McFlurry cookie sandwich hack that proved be a social media favorite several years back, the hash brown McFlurry sandwich involves piling McFlurry ice cream between two hash browns and requires a spirit unbothered by eating ice cream before 10:30 a.m. The salty-sweet combo started and continues to be prevalent on TikTok. We went into the flavor jungle to see what exactly all the fuss was about.

After digging in with hesitation, we could only mourn what this snack breakfast could have been. When the ice cream is solid, the buttery taste of the hash browns complements it beautifully. But that lasts for maybe a minute at best. Warm hash browns plus frozen ice cream equals a soggy melting mess. We spent more time fighting for our life as the McFlurry melted into the hash brown than enjoying our treat. At $4.09 for two hash brown buns and $6.39 for an Oreo McFlurry, your money will go to waste as your trendy creation will go soggy fast. If you want ice cream in the morning that badly, just order a McDonald's frappe.

10. Fries and apple pie

TikTok telling the world that stuffing a McDonald's apple pie with French fries is a five-star idea sounds insane. But if examined closely, it's not actually a terrible concept. After all, McDonald's apple pies were originally deep-fried themselves, and while their batter is now baked, the pastry shells still have a crisp fried-food quality. So as odd as stuffing a McDonald's apple pie's holes with fries felt, we didn't go into this worrying if our taste buds would be able to take the combo. And after taking a bite of this apple and fry creation, we can safely say it wasn't terrible. Or good. Bear with us here.

We found that the fries didn't really do anything to the apple pie's flavor. Instead of adding a salty tinge to the baked good's gooey insides, the fried food's taste was completely overtaken by the warm pie filling. However, whenever we chowed down on a fry near the surface of the pie, we did get to experience an interesting chewy texture that brought something unique to the mouthfeel of the baked good. Which is to say that ultimately, stuffing your pie with fries isn't going to do much other than make it extra chewy. This hack will cost you $3.89 for a small fry and $2.89 for an apple pie. If you want to enjoy something salty and sweet, skip this lackluster combo and stick with dipping your McNuggets in your McFlurry.

11. McNuggets with mayo and sweet and sour sauce

For some of us, dipping chicken nuggets in something as simple as ketchup just won't do. At McDonald's, foodies can choose to dunk their McNuggets into a range of flavorful sauces. But even though the chain offers buffalo sauce, honey mustard, and barbecue sauce, some people's appetites for unique condiments are simply insatiable. And that's why some dipping sauce aficionados on TikTok have claimed sweet and sour sauce mixed with mayo as their McNugget dip pairing of choice. And we have to agree with their stance.

The thick mayo may have looked less than appetizing when we first squirted it into the sweet and sour sauce. However, after we stirred the two condiments the mayo effortlessly blended into the tangy sweet and sour sauce to create a creamier, slightly sweet condiment that beautifully complemented the salty taste of McNuggets. Actually, the combo reminds us of a sweeter BBQ sauce. Incredibly delicious, this hack involves spending $4.98 for 4 chicken nuggets, 30 cents for sweet and sour sauce, and asking for a free-of-charge mayo packet on the side, making it a cheap and easy (and odd) way to level up the taste of your McNuggets.

12. Hi-C and creamer

The questionable hash brown McFlurry sandwich may be the hack of the summer of 2023, but Hi-C with creamer was the breakout McDonald's combo of the summer of 2022. The viral TikTok that first brought the world of coffee and soda together earned over 471,000 views and inspired a series of videos of folks online trying the combo for themselves. The mad scientist putting creamer into pop insisted the combo's flavor resembled a creamsicle. And they weren't bluffing.

Much like placing PB on the Quarter Pounder, we felt a primal fear when we poured two thick creamers into our innocent Hi-C, which had already seen its brother suffer being violated with a French fry. But after we mixed the potion together, we found the creamer worked beautifully with the intense flavor of the soda to create a very creamy treat. However, it's important to note that the condiment did give the soda a bit of a chalky aftertaste. But that complaint aside, creamer is only $0.15 at McDonald's and a small Hi-C only comes out to $2.59, so you'll be paying a fair price for a fairly tasty food combo.