Kylie Jenner's Viral Shrimp Tacos Are Sizzling The Internet

Though Kylie Jenner is known for many things — swimwear, cosmetics, and reality TV, to name a few — her shrimp tacos have pushed their way to the forefront of the internet time and time again. Jenner's recipe stems from her "Cooking with Kylie" days, circa 2016, when her friend Karrueche Tran introduced her to the homemade dish.

To no one's surprise, the shrimp taco recipe reappeared on Jenner's TikTok in mid-June. The short clip showed Jenner's friend Victoria frying tortillas while shrimp cooked in another pan. At the end, viewers got a quick look at the final product, complete with a dollop of restaurant-worthy guacamole.

However, these tacos owe a lot of their viral fame to fans' reactions. One TikTok user asked if Jenner was going through another shrimp taco phase, while others commented that she seemed to make tacos on a very frequent basis. If she really is always making tacos, though, they must be some darn good ones.

What makes Kylie Jenner's shrimp tacos so special?

Like any other easy shrimp taco recipe, Kylie Jenner's doesn't take too much effort. In fact, once you've gotten the hang of it, you could probably whip up shrimp tacos for dinner in less than 15 minutes.

Naturally, this recipe begins with cleaning and seasoning your shrimp. Jenner uses Old Bay seasoning and onion powder, then sets the shrimp aside to marinate while, in a pan, she cooks diced tomatoes and cilantro. Next, she adds the shrimp. In a second pan, she fries and folds tortillas in canola oil. Of course, Jenner's shrimp tacos wouldn't be complete without guacamole made with avocado, green onion, lime juice, onion powder, salt, tomato, and cilantro. Once blended together, the guacamole, sour cream, and shredded cheese top off the fried tortilla and shrimp.

All that being said, the best thing about making tacos is how easy they are to customize. For instance, if you hate cilantro, you don't have to include it. Instead, you might add a mix of cumin, coriander, and parsley for a similar effect.