Mini Chamoy Sauce Packets Are The Perfect Way To Enjoy Micheladas Anywhere

Crafting cocktails on the go is not for the faint of heart, especially when it requires lugging around a number of different ingredients. For that reason, tailgaters tend to opt for canned beverages — like beers or seltzers — in favor of, say, a delicious michelada. However, some companies are hoping to change all of that with a conveniently packaged sauce that can make micheladas possible anytime, anywhere.

In a video that has garnered nearly a million views on TikTok, I Love Micheladas — a company that sells batched michelada mix — debuted their new mini chamoy packets. The viral video shows a woman at a baseball game pulling a chamoy packet out of her backpack and squeezing it along the rim of her canned beverage.

If you've never had the pleasure of tasting chamoy, it's a fruit-based condiment with a flavor profile that hits all of the notes. Tangy, sweet, and a little bit spicy, chamoy sauces typically employ the use of fruit like mango or apricot, along with dried chilis and a healthy dose of lime juice. With specs like that, it's no wonder people want to take chamoy with them everywhere they go. Luckily, on-the-go chamoy packets are becoming more widely available, with a number of companies making their own tasty versions. And with convenient packaging that can fit in your pocket or your purse, these tiny flavor pouches can help to turn any beer into a perfectly sweet and spicy michelada, at the beach, the bar, or the baseball park. 

Spicing up canned beer

Mini chamoy packets are an excellent resource for taking your micheladas to the next level, but you're going to need a few more ingredients if you want to turn your can of beer into the perfect Mexican bloody mary. While a typical michelada recipe includes beer, lime, and a mixture of sauces — such as hot sauce, Worcestershire, or Maggi – most modern recipes also call for a tomato-based juice, like clamato, which gives micheladas their signature red color. 

Requiring all of these ingredients, micheladas can be a difficult drink to make when you don't have your kitchen handy. Thankfully, some thoughtful companies have gone through the trouble of pre-blending all the fixings to make a conveniently packaged bottle of batched michelada mix. Some have even gone so far as to make mini on-the-go bottles of the mix, making it easier for michelada lovers to get their fix wherever beer is present.

And of course, no michelada would be complete without the perfect rim. While some like to rim their glass with lime and salt, michelada enthusiasts with a desire for fire might prefer to rim the glass with chamoy and tajin. However, when you're out and about and without a glass rimmer, this can be a surprisingly difficult endeavor. With their narrow openings and easily squeezable bodies, mini chamoy packets can make rimming your makeshift michelada a breeze, even if you've only got one free hand.