Chicken Skin Chips Are The Savory Snack You're Missing

We can all agree that chips are the quintessential snack food. They're crispy, salty, savory, and definitely addicting. Chips come in almost every flavor under the sun, and though people may differ on what chip flavor is the best, there's a chip for every taste. One of the more unique chips is chicken skin chips, made from chicken thigh skin. Thanks to TikTok, people everywhere can see just how easy it is to make chicken chips at home. If you want to make some at home, it's as simple as making sure you buy skin-on chicken thighs on your next grocery run.

For the chicken skin chips you need only the skin from the thighs, so go ahead and save the meat for delicious chicken thigh recipes. Once the chicken thigh skin is removed, it's flattened and the excess fat is removed. The skin is placed on an oiled baking sheet and seasoned with salt before going into a hot oven. Once the skin is cooked, it shrinks heavily and turns golden brown and crispy, just like a chip. You can add a dipping sauce if you like, or enjoy it on its own.

People are loving the chicken chip trend

People were quick to share their thoughts on the chicken skin chips TikTok video. A few people point out that chicken skin chips are actually a popular street food in the Philippines. Others noted the chips' similarity to chicharrones. The chicken chip trend has taken off among those on the keto diet, as a low-carb alternative to potato chips. Chrissy Teigen released a line of chicken chips that was a big hit among customers. Her chips come in a unique honey sriracha flavor that satisfies both the savory and sweet craving.


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If you're looking to enjoy chicken chips and don't want to make them yourself, there are plenty of brands that sell the chips. Chicken chips provide a healthy dose of protein and come in a variety of flavors. Wilde chicken chips have unique flavors like buffalo chicken, chicken and waffles, and barbeque. If you're partial to dipping your chips, you can serve your chicken chips with classic dips like sour cream and onion or dill dip. If you are wanting chicken on chicken, you could serve your chips with buffalo chicken dip.