McDonald's Rome's Multi-Layered Chocolate Cake Is Worth The Plane Ride

There never seems to be a shortage of McDonald's menu items outside the U.S. that cause stateside fans of the fast food chain to sigh heavily and wonder, "When is it our turn?" Tucked into Rome's famous Piazza di Spagna is where you'll find an Italian McDonald's gem, which looks fairly nondescript from the outside. However, upon walking through the doors and heading up the marble stairway, you'll feel like you're stepping into a sleek art museum rather than your average burger and fries joint. This fancy Italian McDonald's is adorned with Roman-inspired sculptures, mosaics, paintings, and more alongside black and white accented walls.

Even more eye-catching than the tasteful architecture is the McCafé section, full of beautifully displayed desserts that would make any sweets lover develop a serious case of heart eyes. Luscious tiramisu, croissants with fillings, pink marshmallow donuts, and tempting-looking macarons are all part of Rome's line of McDonald's desserts — but it's the decadent chocolate cake we've got our sights set on. It has multiple layers of both crunchy and smooth textures, tiers of rich chocolate and cream, and is topped with ganache. For adventurers seeking respite from the bustling city, pairing it with a warm latte or espresso sounds like just the right move for a much needed pick-me-up. Such a dreamy-sounding cake almost feels too good to be true for McDonald's, but some visitors have confirmed that the hype is, in fact, well-deserved.

The best thing you'll eat at McDonald's, perhaps

If you've perfected your best chocolate cake secrets and haven't yet come across anything that can rival its divinity, you might want to put the bakery inside Rome's first McDonald's on your radar. One TikTok creator and foodie, @karissaeats, made it their mission to try as many dessert items as they could, rating each of them between bites. The multilayered chocolate cake ended up being their top pick for the best-tasting McCafé treat on the menu, calling it "the best thing I've ever eaten at a McDonald's."


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Most of the comments were geared toward it being unfair that such fancy delights aren't offered in the country where McDonald's was founded. Instead, we get always-broken ice cream machines and apple pies. While its classy dining environment and equally swanky menu seem appealing enough, others who have experienced it firsthand advise that there are other factors that are not so great. @karissaeats' video shows the price of the cake to be $2.90, but ordering a meal could cost you up to $15. In addition to its pricy menu, it's also a hotspot often crowded with tourists. Even though it was once the biggest McDonald's in the world when it opened in 1986, that space fills up, so enjoying your cake in peace probably won't happen. 

Needless to say, travelers might be more than a little disappointed after having such a heavenly-tasting experience at the Roman McDonald's — only to return to a sadly bakery-less American chain.