McDonald's Futuristic Mascot You Probably Forgot About

In the wake of the viral McDonald's Grimace Birthday Shake trend that was completely feral, the public seems to have more interest in the chain's myriad mascots than ever before. Grimace certainly was the man of the hour for a while, but he's far from the fast-food chain's sole spokes-character. Of course, we all know Ronald McDonald, and the names of the Hamburglar and Mayor McCheese ring a bell for most of us, but what about CosMc?

If you don't remember this particular mascot, don't worry; you're definitely not alone. The character was one of McDonald's less popular personalities in the past. He appeared in the 1980s, and just as quickly as he arrived on the fast-food scene, he was gone. Despite CosMc's failure to fill the big clown shoes of a certain red-haired icon or beloved ginormous purple taste bud, CosMc has now made a triumphant, 21st-century return. If you love an underdog story as much as you love a Big Mac, then you'll adore this weird, orange alien acting as the face of a spinoff brand.

CosMc is both a mascot and a chain

Move over, Ronald! McDonald's new restaurant brand, CosMc's, is coming to a galaxy near you. If you didn't know about the brand's namesake before, you certainly should now. Per a 2023 McDonald's earnings call, a few of these restaurants are opening in early 2024. McDonald's CEO Chris Kempczinski says that CosMc will have "all the DNA of McDonald's but its own unique personality." Despite McDonald's in general being much more memorable than this failed mascot, clearly the minds behind the CosMc brand believe in this little alien that could (or rather, can).

Starting in 1987, the orange alien with six arms and an outfit comprised of a space suit and high-top sneakers appeared in a few McDonald's ads. Based on a commercial called "The Story of CosMc," it seems CosMc first came to Earth on what he refers to as "a trade mission," meeting some of the pre-existing McDonald's mascots in the process. CosMc then proceeds to "trade" assorted objects with those mascots and take their things in return. This results in CosMc trying a McDonald's cheeseburger, which compels him to fly off and report the existence of delicious fast food to his home planet.

However, in the '90s — after a few more commercials — CosMc disappeared from McDonald's ads. In preparation for his return, though, we imagine he just spent three decades on his home planet contemplating how to make a permanent residence on Earth, where he could open his own fast-food restaurant.