Grimace Shake Cakes Are Just As Vibrant And Chaotic As You'd Think

Back in June 2023, McDonald's launched a commemorative Grimace shake and spicy hamburger in honor of the purple mascot's 52nd birthday. McDonald's did not share an exact flavor profile of the new dessert item with fans, merely describing it in a press release as a "limited-edition purple shake inspired by Grimace's iconic color and sweetness." While the vibrant purple color and promotional hype around this shake was enough to make us add the shake to our order, our Mashed taste tester was not a fan of the overt creaminess that drowned out any semblance of berry fruit juice flavor. However, fans seem to be less concerned about the taste of the Grimace shake and more focused on trying to stay alive.

Grimace's birthday celebration suddenly turned into a contender for best horror film of the year as fans filmed themselves trying the new McDonald's shake, only to be incapacitated and covered in the purple goo after one sip. The feral taste-test trend quickly went viral — even the McDonald's CMO responded with his very own taste test.


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But some of the best responses to the shake's release have come from fans' very own kitchens, as creators have begun to transform the berry-like purple drink into other desserts. For example, @blatantreviews shared their purple sheet cake recipe containing a cup of Grimace's celebratory shake, and the vibes are unhinged in the most delicious way. The results "taste like Grimace," which we are not convinced is a good thing.

People are throwing Grimace a proper birthday party

Grimace's birthday month is officially over — the purple shake and spicy cheeseburger were only available from June 12 to June 29 as McDonald's and customers celebrated one of the OG mascots. Astrologists and horoscope readers won't be surprised to learn that Grimace is a Gemini, given his ever-shifting personality between the sweet birthday boy we know today and the dark history of evil Grimace we've heard so much about. Regardless of his past, eager fans continue to celebrate the purple monster's birthday with sweet treats of their own creation, all featuring that recognizable violet tint and an ominous feeling that something terrible looms over every bite.

One TikToker crafted a mini three-tiered confetti cake covered in purple piped icing and rainbow sprinkles, while a creepy music-box cover of happy birthday played in the background. Another creator made perfectly purple cake pops inspired by Grimace, poking fun at the mascot's ending "15 minutes of fame" while her video glitched and flashed footage of the spooky purple blob.


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Meanwhile, @kyleistook made the mascot a stack of purple pancakes perfect for a birthday breakfast in bed. In the comments, the creator shared that the recipe contains "1 Grimace shake, 1 Grimace egg, pancake mix, top with whipped cream and more Grimace." That's totally doable and not at all creepy, although we aren't quite sure which grocery store aisle has Grimace eggs.