Crocs Unveils Jibbitz You Can Eat And Pop-Tarts You Can Wear

While footwear and foodstuffs may be adjacent to one another in the dictionary, they are generally not closely associated concepts — unless you are celebrating St. Nicholas Day, a holiday when shoes, not stockings, are filled with candy by the jolly old saint. For the most part, though, the idea of eating something that's been in contact with not-so-fragrant feet is a bit off-putting, so when we heard that Crocs were coming out with edible Jibbitz, our first thought was: "Something you wear in your shoes and then eat? Ick, no!"

Luckily, that is not the case. The edible Jibbitz, which appear to be shaped like red and blue Crocs, are made of gummy candy and come with edible glue. This glue, which seems likely to be some sort of sugary substance, is meant to attach the Jibbitz not to shoes but rather to unfrosted strawberry Pop-Tarts. These Jibbitz-enhanced Pop-Tarts won't be available a la carte, however, but as part of a new Croc-Tarts kit that also includes a pair of plain vanilla Crocs clogs with a selection of Pop-Tarts-themed (and non-edible) Jibbitz plus a pair of strawberry filling-themed socks.

People who want to get their feet (or teeth) into this merch will need to log in to the Croc-Tarts website at noon EST on August 9 and enter a lottery simply to get an invite to purchase the package. For those who don't make the cut, the same package will be dropping again on August 11, 16, and 18.

Neither company is new to such collabs

Crocs teaming up with Pop-Tarts isn't the first food-themed collaboration for either company. In 2022 Pop-Tarts partnered with Depop to release a line of limited-edition fashion merch that's far more stylish than a simple t-shirt and — best of all — priced about the same as a box of toaster pastries. Crocs collabs to date have included ones with Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Taco Bell, and Hidden Valley Ranch, this last one involving input from HVR's number one fangirl Saweetie.

The edible Pop-Tarts Jibbitz are a first for both brands, but back in 2020, Crocs did come up with fragrant adornments for its KFC X Crocs Bucket Clogs. Unlike the Pop-Tarts clogs, here the shoes themselves were actually designed with red-and-white stripes on the bottom and a fried chicken pattern on top. What really made them stand out, however, was a pair of extra-large drumstick-shaped and -scented Jibbitz.

While we don't know what wild collaborations may lie in store for Crocs (or Pop-Tarts, for that matter) in the future, fans look forward to finding out ... That is, up to the point where anyone actually floats the idea of edible footwear. Not to put our feet in our mouths, but that's taking food a step too far.