Frat Bros Rejoice: Coors Light Made A 'Chill Throne' For Tailgates

Without a doubt, beer companies tend to go all-out when it comes to their merch. For now, however, we might have to give the literal throne to Coors Light, as the brand has just announced its tailgate-ready Chill Throne.

According to a press release shared with Mashed, the latest piece of Coors Light merch includes a footrest and back massager, a built-in cooler and can tap, and a charging station and speakers. Starting September 2, Coors Light will be selling eight of these Chill Thrones, as well as giving one away in a sweepstakes contest.

That being said, in addition to only eight thrones being available, the chairs will cost $750 apiece. Between us, it would probably be a lot more budget-friendly to just get Aldi's summer cooler and a zero-gravity chair from Walmart, but hey, we understand if you're looking for something that's a little more flashy. Too bad the Coors Light model couldn't add on some kind of contraption to let you cook hot dogs in beer, though.

All the Coors Light merch you can tailgate with

If the Chill Throne wasn't enough for you, there are plenty of other Coors Light merch options to help you catch footballs (and weird looks) at your next tailgate party. For instance, earlier this summer, Coors launched a scarf to keep your beer cool. No more sweaty neck and no more warm beer — but you'll probably have to field a lot of questions about why you're wearing a scarf when it's still hot out.

Not feeling extra enough yet? Maybe you need Coors Light's color-changing nail polish, which shifts from gray to blue when your beer is cold enough to drink. Unfortunately, these colors only work for certain teams, and you can't risk having someone think you're rooting for the other team, right?

Of course, the best way to celebrate at your tailgate party is with a can of last year's gloopy Coors Light. Okay, okay, we're joking; you definitely shouldn't drink recalled beer, but maybe you could still play with it like it's slime while you sit on your throne waiting for the game to start.