Bored Of Pumpkins? Try TikTok's Brainy Halloween Cupcakes

As the leaves begin to turn crunchy and the blistering heat of Summer settles into a cool autumn breeze, many Halloween fanatics are gearing up for their favorite Fall festivities. One Halloween-loving TikToker took to the video-sharing platform to display a brainy method for crafting Halloween-themed cupcakes. The method results in delicious and terrifying cupcakes topped with buttercream frosting in the shape of a gruesomely realistic-looking human brain. People have been piping buttercream on cupcakes in brainy patterns for years. What's new about this is the use of a special technique that makes it easier and neater, and adds an extra layer — literally — that's perfect for adding scary design elements to your creation.

This simple trick requires piping some pink buttercream into a round silicone mold in a squiggly brain-like design, filling the mold to the brim, and setting your cupcake upside-down on top. Then, freeze the entire affair so that the buttercream can set, and reveal a cupcake that is topped with a tasty buttercream brain. This cupcake design brings a delicious seasonal spin on the festive tradition, without relying on pumpkin spice, for those who have already had their fair share of pumpkin flavoring this Fall.

How to add a spooky layer to this Halloween cupcake

Of course, as with all things internet-related, the comments on the video contain some lively debate about whether or not the poster actually invented the method. But you'll also find helpful suggestions for ways to add frightful variety to your batch of cupcakes. The hollow in the pink buttercream dome could be loaded with additional layers inside the brains to add a wide range of eerie results. As one commenter points out, "Instead of filling with more BC you should add raspberry or strawberry purée so when you cut it, it "bleeds"!!!!" You could also try a layer of green jello, lime jelly, or even pastry cream in a variety of spooky shades. Fill the hollow with chocolate cookie crumbs to represent the freshly upturned earth.


New cupcake decorating hack – squiggly brains! #braincupcake 🧠 Using a small round tip pipe pink buttercream into a round silicone mold in a squiggly design, then fill the centre. Place a cupcake upside down onto the buttercream, then pop that into the freezer for at least 10 minutes. Peel the mold away to reveal your braaaaaaains!! Save this post to try this technique out during spooky season! 👻 . . #halloween #cupcakes #cupcakedecorating #cupcakedesign #halloweencupcakes #halloweenbaking

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Other cupcake design alternatives include less gory versions that utilize alternate colors for the buttercream topping. Try swapping out a batch with blue buttercream to make spooky alien brains. Use green buttercream with gummy worms sticking out (or inside the buttercream) to make zombie-stye brains. According to the TikToker who uploaded the original video, the brainy cupcakes hold up perfectly once thawed and can be served cold or at room temperature. Of course, if you're not sick of pumpkins yet, there is always an option to make pumpkin cupcakes that will keep your guests in the holiday spirit without any of the buttercream gore.