Snoop Dogg's Dr. Bombay Ice Cream Flavors, Ranked

What started as an innocent NFT has turned into a business mascot. Dr. Bombay is a product of Snoop Dogg's interest in NFTs, but Dr. Bombay is also so much more than that. The character, who has become inseparable from Snoop and is portrayed as a "mischievous Bored Ape," is now also the name and face of Snoop Dog's new ice cream line, Dr. Bombay.

This is not Snoop Dogg's first foray into food. His infamous and slightly surprising friendship with Martha Stewart has given us the cooking show "Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party," and Snoop even came out with his own cookbook "From Crook to Cook" in 2018. All of Snoop's ventures have carried his unique style, and Dr. Bombay ice cream is no different. With the bright colors and interesting flavor combinations, we can see the hip-hop legend's influence all over. Dr. Bombay currently comes in seven flavors, each hitting their own notes. But it is hard to make only hits. We tried each flavor to find out which ones sing, and which flavors fall flat.

7. S'More Vibes

We want to be clear: yes, S'More Vibes is in last place. Of the Dr. Bombay ice creams, it was the clear loser. That being said, this ice cream was not bad. It simply does not live up to the high standard set by the other flavors. S'More Vibes is a marshmallow ice cream with fudge bites, cocoa crisped rice, and a graham cracker swirl. One thing we appreciate about the Dr. Bombay flavors is the unique approach to otherwise played-out inspiration. For example, using marshmallow ice cream instead of marshmallows or a graham cracker swirl instead of pieces. The effort is clearly there, but for S'More Vibes, there just isn't the punch of flavor we expected.

The marshmallow ice cream is fine, but it really doesn't taste that different from a basic vanilla. The chocolate pieces are there but are not exceptional and are, frankly, a little waxy. The best part of this is the graham cracker swirl, which is sweet and a little sandy. But overall, this ice cream just doesn't reach the standard of the other flavors.

6. Tropical Sherbet Swizzle

It may be second to the bottom, but this sherbet is miles ahead of S'More Vibes. The Tropical Sherbet Swizzle is a unique flavor experience made up of orange sherbert and a tropical pineapple swirl. The best thing about this sherbet is how the flavors play off each other. The sherbet and the swirl flavors are both present in each bite, but they do not compete. Instead, you get both orange and pineapple. It is light and tropical and downright refreshing.

Our only complaint about this sherbet comes from the texture. This one came off a little chewy, which is not something you expect from your sherbet. Ours even had a layer of sticky syrup on top of it. We were happy to eat through it, but it was a little off-putting. We also found the pineapple swirl to be a little icy. Sherbet already tends to be icier than ice cream, so it only emphasizes any additional crystallization in the base. Overall, it was pleasant, and we are pretty sure if you melted it down and threw in some rum, you would have a killer summer cocktail.

5. Rollin' in the Dough

Going into this, we thought it would be your basic, run-of-the-mill chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, but we were wrong. It starts off with cookie ice cream, cookie dough bites, chocolate flakes, and a chocolate chip cookie swirl. Going into it, we did not know what "cookie ice cream" meant, and we still don't. It just tastes like brown sugar, which is fine but not what was promised. We can forgive this, though, because the ice cream was delicious. It was evenly dispersed with chocolate chip cookie dough bites, and the thing that really sets it apart is the chocolate chip cookie swirl. The swirl legitimately tasted like chocolate chip cookies and made every bite taste like milk and cookies.

Dr. Bombay is at its best when it is playing with flavors in unusual ways, and the chocolate chip cookie swirl is a prime example. It added that extra bump that really sets Rollin' in the Dough apart from the rest of the cookie dough ice cream crowd.

4. Bonus Track Brownie

Bonus Track Brownie has a lot going for it because it's got a lot in it. It is vanilla ice cream with chunks of brownie dough, brownie brittle, and a fudge swirl. Is that enough chocolate for you? It should be. There is nothing more disappointing than an ice cream that skimps on the mix-ins, but Dr. Bombay does the opposite. We have never seen such a thick and generous fudge swirl. Each bite had at least two, if not all three types of chocolatey goodness in it.

The only issue we had with this flavor was that it felt a little basic. It tastes like a fudge sundae, which is great. But it is nothing out of the ordinary. Given the rest of the Dr. Bombay flavors, we expected a remix, not a classic. We didn't ruminate on this for too long, though, as that chocolate swirl and those brownies just kept sucking us right back into the pint.

3. Iced Out Orange Cream

Orange cream flavors generally go one of two ways. Either you have a delicious citrus flavor blanched with rich vanilla, or you have what tastes like orange Tylenol spun into ice cream. Thankfully, Dr. Bombay Iced Out Orange Cream is the former. This ice cream has a vanilla ice cream base which, enhanced with that delicious orange sherbet from the Tropical Sherbet Swizzle, has an icy orange swirl throughout. When they say icy, they mean it. There was a noticeable crystalized crunch to the orange swirl, but in this case, it worked.

As the pint indicates, the flavor is meant to replicate an orange creamsicle, which it does to a T. The icy orange swirl only works to enhance the textural similarities between the creamsicle and Iced Out Orange Cream. It is honestly shocking how accurate the flavor is. Somehow, even with the ice cream, this flavor still tastes light. Perhaps most importantly, the three flavors are well-swirled, so each bite contains a little of everything.

2. Cocoa Cream Cookie Dream

If Rollin' in the Dough tastes like milk and cookies, Cocoa Cream Cookie Dream tastes like chocolate milk and cookies. Where we are convinced the "cookie ice cream" was just brown sugar, here the chocolate milk ice cream tastes identical to a glass of chocolate milk; not chocolate ice cream, chocolate milk.

The chocolate milk base is mixed with chocolate chip cookies and a chocolate chip cookie swirl. Once again, the chocolate chip cookies are good and all, but the swirl is what makes it. It has a distinctly brown sugar taste and more closely resembles cookie butter than cookie dough. It is lightly sandy but stays soft in the ice cream, making it easy to scoop, and melts in your mouth. We also want to emphasize that this is not cookie dough but pieces of chocolate chip cookies. This is not just a chocolate version of Rollin' in the Dough but, rather, is a unique ice cream on its own. It is unique, delicious, and oddly comforting. Each bite offers a trip back in time to youth enjoying a glass of chocolate milk and some chocolate chip cookies.

1. Syrupy Waffle Sundaze

This flavor was perhaps the most surprising. We were not sure what to expect, but really, the name says it all. It is like a waffles and syrup sundae, and we are here for it. The base is waffle ice cream and, unlike the cookie ice cream, this base tastes exactly like waffles covered in syrup. Then there are waffle pieces, which are really more like waffle cone pieces, thin and crispy. All this is topped with a brown butter syrup swirl in it.

What amazed us was that the flavor was uniquely buttery. Syrupy Waffle Sundaze was the whole breakfast experience in ice cream form: waffles, syrup, and topped with butter all together in each bite. Now, the syrup doesn't taste like real maple syrup, but instead, the kind of syrup served at waffle houses and breakfast tables across the United States. And the flavor is intense. There is no getting around it. But this ice cream is a taste of childhood. It tastes like lazy weekend mornings eating breakfast in your pajamas, and we haven't had another flavor like it.