Fall Just Started And Starbucks' Winter Menu Has Already Been Leaked

As of last Saturday's autumnal equinox, we can finally say that fall is here, but in retail terms ... meh. The season is old news. We're pretty much pumpkin'd out, with fall flavors ubiquitous all August and some pumpkin spice sightings stretching back to July. It's time to bring on the peppermint and gingerbread already — or, at least, that's what Starbucks' marketing department thinks. Okay, it appears the chain isn't actually dropping its winter menu (or more accurately, its holiday menu, since Starbucks' winter 2023 menu came out in January) until November 2, but certain in-the-know Instagrammers seem to have the scoop already.

Brace yourselves for the super surprising new holiday flavors! Yep, we called it; peppermint and gingerbread will (supposedly) be prominently featured. The ever-popular peppermint mocha is a seasonal fixture by now, while 2023's iced gingerbread oat milk chai tea latte is the one new drink on the menu — allegedly. Sadly, the coffee-based gingerbread latte will not be back for an encore, but caramel brûlée and chestnut praline lattes are both apparently booked for return engagements. Sugar cookie almond milk lattes are also back in the lineup, per social media sleuths. Some familiar baked goods are said to be returning, as well, including snowman cookies, cranberry bars, sugar plum cheese danishes, gingerbread loaves, and peppermint brownie cake pops. (We sincerely hope they won't be those reindeer-shaped ones left over from last year.)

Mid-November and early December also bring a few surprises

While Starbucks may be rushing the holidays by bringing out most of its seasonal goodies three weeks before Thanksgiving, the chain is likely reserving a few treats for later. One of these is the annual Red Cup Day, which — in itself — would be no surprise. However, the design of the 2023 collectible cups, which will be free with seasonal drink purchases, is something we do not yet know. Still, we can somewhat confidently state that the date is set for November 16, according to the Instagram post behind this leak, at least.

But wait, that's not all! Even once you've scored your free red cup, you won't quite have done your due diligence by Starbucks' seasonal promos. You'll still potentially need to visit at least one more time, either on or after December 4, if you want to check out the holiday cold brew lineup. This year's festive flavors evidently include peppermint chocolate, sugar cookie, caramel brûlée, and chestnut praline — What, no gingerbread cold brew? It seems Starbucks may want to keep a little something in the tank for next year.

As for whether or not any of this leak is actually true, though, Starbucks simply told Mashed: "We're sipping on our fall favorites and do not have details to share on Starbucks red cup season just yet." For now, we'll just have to wait for real confirmation.