Cinnamon Syrup Takes Your Favorite Tropical Drink Into The Fall Season

When fall rolls around, there are plenty of seasonal cocktails to satisfy your boozy cravings. Even so, it's not uncommon to occasionally long for the special warm-weather cocktails that only summer provides. If you love autumn but find yourself missing your favorite tropical drink, there's an easy way to transition it into the new, cozy season so that you don't have to wait until next year to sip on those refreshing summer cocktails. The answer is cinnamon syrup.

A simple squeeze of this sweet and spicy syrup is perfect for bringing a summertime drink into the new season. Cinnamon's warmth and bite give even the most summery cocktails a cozy, fall feeling. While you probably already know that cinnamon pairs seamlessly with fall flavors like apple and pumpkin, it also elevates tropical fruit like mango and pineapple — thanks to its inherent warmth and spiciness. Cinnamon syrup is actually already used in many tropical drinks, but you can also use it to spice up some unexpected cocktails, like making a cinnamon and blood orange mojito or a pomegranate cinnamon margarita. A bit of cinnamon syrup may even be the only thing standing between your favorite summer sangria and a festive fall treat.

Put your own twist on cinnamon syrup

Adding cinnamon syrup to your favorite drink couldn't be simpler. There are plenty of brands of cinnamon syrup out there that you can buy online or at some of your favorite grocery retailers. Grabbing a bottle to have at the ready can be nice, not only for tweaking your tropical cocktails for fall but also for enjoying an autumnal cup of joe. 

While buying a bottle of cinnamon syrup is certainly the most convenient option, making your own is as easy as tweaking your go-to simple syrup recipe with a little bit of ground cinnamon and some cinnamon sticks. You also have the option of adding different extracts, like pineapple or coconut, to impart some extra flavor customized for your favorite tropical drink. Simply store homemade cinnamon syrup in the refrigerator until it's time to test it out with your favorite summer cocktail for the perfect fall drink that you'll want to drink again and again.