TikTok's Pizza Bomb Pumpkins: An Appetizer Worth Falling In Love With

Although Halloween is a few weeks away, it's never too early to plan a party. As jack-o'-lanterns make their way to porches and doorways, we're busy thinking about the spookiest recipes to serve to our guests. Halloween parties are incomplete without bite-sized sweet snacks. While snacks like caramel apples and Oreo cookie bats are amazing, you can take things to the next level with something savory and crowd-pleasing, like pizza bombs.

Unsurprisingly, TikTokers have added a cute twist to the cheesy appetizer by turning them into mini pumpkins. Not only are the pizza bomb pumpkins perfect for the season, but they are also easy to make. The filling is customizable with staples like shredded mozzarella and olives. Other ingredients, such as ham and pepperoni, can also be added. Pizza dough is flattened and rolled into a ball with the fillings in the center. Finally, pieces of butcher's twine are laid out on the table to form a star shape, and the pizza balls are placed in the center. The twine gives the balls their pumpkin shape when they are baked. If you use oven-safe butcher's twine, you can cook them in an air fryer. "These are pumpkins worth having around," one TikToker wrote.

A perfect appetizer for all

The pizza bombs can be torn apart and dipped in marinara sauce. (Adding sauce inside the dough will cause it to leak out during baking.) Put a healthy twist on the pizza bomb pumpkins by incorporating vegetables into the cheese filling. You can add whatever you like. Candy pizzas are a thing, so if you have a sweet tooth, why not add candy to your pizza bomb pumpkins? The kids are going to love it!


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There is no rule that says the pizza bomb pumpkins must be enjoyed exclusively on Halloween. They're suitable for any autumn-inspired event. However, some TikTokers think they're just too much work. "Too labor intensive for a standard Halloween party where the guys will just devour them — but maybe for a girly event where the women will rant and rave," one TikToker opines. Others have their own ideas for customization, like adding a piece of pretzel stick in the center to mimic stems. "I'm gonna add green food coloring to the pretzel," one TikToker shares.