Spam Belongs In Breakfast Sandwiches

Spam is an underrated meat, it's as simple as that. It just gets a bad rap for being highly processed and packed into a can. However, people don't have the same thoughts regarding other processed meats like hot dogs, sausages, and bacon. So, it's time to give Spam a break! Its savory and salty qualities make it a versatile meat, and there are many unexpected uses for it. For example, instead of sausage or bacon, try adding Spam to your breakfast sandwich.

Spam and the U.S. go way back. American company Hormel Foods put Spam on the market in 1937. It was popular due to its affordability and convenience, and quickly became a household name. Speaking of names — fun fact: the name is a combination of the words "spiced ham". During World War II, Spam became a staple food for Allied soldiers. Wartime also spread this meat to other countries, like the Philippines and South Korea. 

It's popular today for the same reasons it was back then, but also for its mouth-watering flavor and ease of cooking. It has found its way into many recipes — in stews, with rice, fried, or grilled — Spam can do it all.

Spam is your next breakfast staple

When thinking about how to use Spam, and why it works so well in a breakfast sandwich, it's essential to understand that it can easily replace other meats in meals. Since Spam is made up of pork — just like ham, bacon, and sausage are — it particularly does a good job in breakfast foods, like a breakfast sandwich. It doesn't get any easier than slicing up thin rectangles of Spam, frying them up with a little oil (or none at all because their fat will render), and sticking them in between some eggs, cheese, and bread. You could even make your breakfast sandwich with English muffins, biscuits, or croissants. If these sound good to you, try making savory Spam and cheddar cheese biscuits.

Spam is also a match made in heaven with eggs, so a Spam scramble is another noteworthy breakfast option. By cooking up eggs with smaller-than-bite-sized cubes of Spam, you have a medley of soft and fluffy eggs with small bites of salty goodness throughout. This scramble is great on its own, on top of toast, or inside some bread for an upgraded Spam breakfast sandwich.