White Castle's Sloppy Joe Sliders And Mac & Cheese Nibblers Are Back

In the quest for easy, comforting winter meals, certain dishes may make frequent appearances in your weekly menu planning. Foods like pot pies, sloppy Joes, and macaroni and cheese become staples, and when restaurants serve these favorites — especially at a relative discount — who wouldn't feel relieved that someone else is doing the cooking for a change?

As in years past, White Castle has reintroduced comforting, seasonal fan-favorites Sloppy Joe Sliders and Mac & Cheese Nibblers to the menu, just in time for the most thankful (and hectic) time of the year. According to information shared with Mashed, the Sloppy Joe Sliders come in three varieties: Sloppy Joe, Smoky Joe, and Spicy Joe. A regular Sloppy Joe Slider is $1.19, while the Smoky and Spicy flavors are $1.49 each. A six-pack with any combination of flavors can be ordered for $6.99. The Nibblers come in three sizes: small (five pieces) at $1.99, medium (12 pieces) at $3.99, and a sack (20) for $5.99.

These sliders are part of the Win With White Castle deals

These sliders might not be exactly like your parents used to make. Each Sloppy Joe Slider is made with a mix of lean ground beef, onions, tomatoes, and bell peppers. The Smoky Joe is topped with smoked cheddar cheese and crisp onions, and the Spicy Joe includes spicy jalapeño cheese and jalapeño crisps. The Mac & Cheese Nibblers consist of crispy breading that's dipped in batter and fried, with an inside of smooth, creamy macaroni and cheddar cheese. All items will be available until February 4 — or until supplies run out.

White Castle's latest promotion comes just as the company's two months of "WIN with White Castle" deals with coupons and value meals enters its last month. For those who love them, the B.O.G.O. coupon for the Sloppy Joe Sliders will be released on December 3 for Craver Nation members, either online or through the app. Although no similar deal for the Mac & Cheese Nibblers is currently in place, there are two more months until the limited favorites leave the menu, so anything is possible.