Perfect Copycat Starbucks Grilled Cheese Relies On This Cheese 3-Blend

Even if the grilled cheese sandwich is your go-to Starbucks lunch, it may not be something you'd want to order every day since Starbucks certainly isn't the cheapest of fast food establishments. In fact, fast food prices have changed to such an extent over the years that drive-thru cuisine in general is no longer the affordable option it once was. Making a sandwich at home can still be pretty budget-friendly, however, and this copycat recipe from developer Catherine Brookes helps you make a reasonable facsimile of Starbucks' grilled cheese.

Brookes, like Starbucks, makes her sandwich with a combination of mozzarella and cheddar cheeses. Unlike Starbucks, however, she supplies a reason for this choice (besides the obvious one, that being that she is trying to emulate the original). As she tells us, "Mozzarella melts so well, making everything creamy and oozy, and cheddar gives that extra tangy taste." But wait, you may be thinking, didn't the title promise a blend of three cheeses? Yes, you're right about that, as there is one more in store: Both Starbucks and Brookes coat their sandwiches in a blend of butter and parmesan. Again, Brookes (though not Starbucks) provides an explanation, saying that this combination "gives an extra richness and delicious flavor to the bread and really takes this grilled cheese to the next level."

You can, of course, change up this recipe as you see fit

Even though Brookes' copycat recipe is meant to be a clone of the Starbucks sandwich, that doesn't mean that you can't take a few liberties if you've always felt that Starbucks' original was in need of some improvement. If you don't care for sourdough, by all means, use another similarly sturdy bread. Should you find mozzarella too bland for your liking, you can go with an all-cheddar filling, or perhaps swap it out for provolone, pepper jack, Swiss, or another more flavorful cheese.

Yet another way you can upgrade your Starbucks-esque grilled cheese sandwich is by adding a little something extra to the filling. Grilled cheese and bacon is a classic, as is grilled cheese and ham, while grilled cheese and jelly may have its appeal if you have a sweet tooth. Grilled cheese and peanut butter might be a bit more out of the box, but the combo works well enough in a sandwich cracker, so why not in an actual sandwich? If you prefer a more gourmet grilled cheese, you could always go with more upscale ingredients like caramelized onions, pesto, or garlic confit. Take this recipe as a template, then dress it up or down as you will and enjoy it alongside a cup of coffee or tea that you didn't have to pay $5 for.