You Can't Make True Copycat Wingstop Corn Without Cajun Blend

Aside from chicken wings, Wingstop has long been known for its uniquely seasoned fries. However, there are other side dishes to choose from at the chain, like carrot and celery sticks and Cajun corn.

The Cajun Fried Corn at Wingstop doesn't just come with the same seasoning as the french fries, it's also topped with a signature Cajun seasoning. An order of corn comes with five pieces for a regular and 10 for a large, costing about $4 or $6 respectively. However, each piece of corn is cut only a few inches thick, which means it would likely be more economical to make a copycat version of Wingstop's corn at home.

Of course, the key to achieving the same flavor in a homemade recipe relies on that Cajun blend. While Cajun seasoning is quite subjective, with many people putting their spin on the spice combination, certain flavors help create that familiar taste. For example, common grocery store Cajun seasonings typically include garlic, onion, paprika, and cayenne, with some sugar for sweetness and chili flakes for spice.

The air fryer is an easy hack for making homemade Cajun corn

A Reddit post inquiring about Wingstop's fried corn provides some insight on how the side is cooked, with one commenter noting that the corn gets deep fried before the seasoning is added so it doesn't slip off or burn in the oil. A former Wingstop manager also shared that customers can customize their corn with seasonings beyond the french fry and Cajun blend that typically comes with it; options include lemon pepper, garlic parmesan, and Lousiana rub.

However, if you want your corn to truly taste like it's from Wingstop, use Cajun seasoning or make your own easy Cajun spice mixture. Plus, if you want a healthier and more convenient way to fry the corn yourself, look no further than your air fryer.

Air frying also gives you the ability to add your seasoning before cooking, which lets the butter and seasonings seep into your corn while it cooks, imbuing it with flavor. Of course, there's no harm in topping the finished product with a little more Cajun blend for good measure. To avoid your seasoning getting burned, try rotating your corn pieces more frequently in the fryer. You can also lower the cooking time or, in true Wingstop style, add your seasoning after the corn is cooked. For even more authentic Wingstop vibes at home, don't forget your side of ranch for dipping.