Will There Be New Episodes Of Kitchen Nightmares In 2024?

In September 2023, Chef Gordon Ramsay's hit series "Kitchen Nightmares" returned to Fox after a 10-year hiatus. The long-awaited eighth season, which wrapped in December, gave fans a much-needed dose of the unscripted drama they had come to know and love from earlier seasons of the show. Now that it's over, supporters of the show are left wondering if "Kitchen Nightmares" will be returning for a ninth season, or if, once again, they will have to do without Ramsay's restaurant rescue antics.

While Fox has yet to confirm whether or not we will be graced with more episodes of "Kitchen Nightmares", fans on Reddit seem to think it's a no-brainer. "I definitely think it'll be renewed, but less so due to the reception it garnered, and more so due to the show's legacy," one commenter wrote. "I think it depends entirely on Gordon Ramsay," another added. "If Gordon wants to do it, I very much doubt that Fox would say no."

With four other shows currently running on the network, including Master Chef, Master Chef Jr., Next Level Chef, and Hell's Kitchen, Ramsay could be considered Fox royalty of sorts. Some fans worry that with his packed schedule, he might decide to ditch "Kitchen Nightmares" again and focus on his other endeavors.

Why did it all come to an end?

Before the show's 10-year hiatus, "Kitchen Nightmares" ran for seven successful seasons on Fox, racking up great ratings and several coveted industry awards. Those awards included an international Emmy and a couple of BAFTAs, along the way. Why, then, was it suddenly canceled in 2014?

"I canceled my own show," Chef Gordon Ramsay told Entertainment Weekly in 2018. After dealing with a particularly difficult restaurant owner during filming, Ramsay said, "He was giving me [grief] for telling him the truth and I thought, I'm done." Despite the network's pleas for him to reconsider, Ramsay had made up his mind.

A decade later, though, Ramsay appears to have had a change of heart. "The time felt right," Ramsay told Variety in September 2023, after the show's eighth season began. He said felt a sense of duty to help pick up failing restaurants after the pandemic ravaged the restaurant industry over the last few years."Most importantly," Ramsay went on, "I love a challenge."

While it has yet to be revealed if "Kitchen Nightmares" will be back for a ninth season, fans on Reddit have already started making demands for what they'd like to see more of. "More locations," one commenter wrote. "It seems like Gordon only visited New York and New Jersey." Others said they wanted more of Ramsay's signature vitriol. "He seemed to have been less aggressive [this season]," one fan pointed out.