KFC Rings In 2024 With A Handful Of New Wraps

From McDonald's Snack Wraps to Jack-in-the-Box's Jack Wraps to the appearance of chicken wraps at chains like Burger King and Wendy's, it's clear that chicken in a tortilla is a lucrative fast food item. While many consumers are still wondering why McDonald's got rid of such a fan favorite, other chains have jumped at the opportunity to fill that void. Even KFC wanted in on the trend and brought its chicken wraps to the masses in February 2023.

The original launch of KFC's "Kentucky Fried Chicken Wraps" prompted criticism from customers on TikTok, mostly due to the wraps' small size and lack of substance. Some argued, however, that since the chain only charges $5 for two wraps, the smaller size is understandable. The original wraps came in two flavors: Classic and Spicy Slaw. Both wraps consist of a crispy chicken tender in a flour tortilla, and while the Classic variety comes with pickles and mayo, the other comes with spicy sauce, pickles, and coleslaw.

According to info shared with Mashed, the chain is ringing in 2024 by adding new wrap flavors to its two-for-$5 deal. While KFC's surprisingly basic mac and cheese wrap, which launched in November 2023, comes with a chicken tender, mac and cheese, and a shredded cheese blend, the newest menu items aim to elevate the lineup with Spicy Mac & Cheese and Honey BBQ flavors.

KFC is adding new wrap flavors

KFC's New Spicy Mac & Cheese Wrap is quite similar to the original version but adds spicy mayo. The new Honey BBQ flavor includes regular mayo and pickles wrapped in the tortilla with the chicken tender, and it's all topped with honey BBQ sauce.

The hangup that customers on Reddit seem to be having, however, is less about the new flavor options than it is about the pricing. One user who tried a KFC wrap said in a February 2023 thread, "It tasted decent but such a ripoff in price, literally the size of the $1 McDonalds snackwrap they used to sell." While some responses blamed inflation or "corporate greed," other commenters offered a solution, noting that for the size and taste, the chain should sell two wraps for $3.

Even food reviewers on TikTok claimed that the KFC wraps were smaller than expected, although they appear to be on par with similar products from other fast food chains. Another Reddit thread emphasized the fact that these items are designed to be snacks and thus don't need to be the size of an entrée. Those who do find the wraps too small, however, can use the KFC app to get an extra one for free.