What Do Limited-Edition Space Dunk Oreos Taste Like?

There have never been limits to what an Oreo is. This cookie comes in all different shapes and sizes — thin, thick, mint, matcha, and countless more. There are plenty of international Oreo flavors we wish would come to the U.S. and plenty of limited-edition flavors that fans miss. Oreo's latest variation might be the most out-of-this-world one to date. It's called the Space Dunk Oreo, per a press release, and it quite literally might send you off to space.

The look of these new Oreo cookies is galaxy-inspired. Layers of pink and blue "cosmic cream" are sandwiched between two classic Oreo cookies with impressions of iconic space symbols, like rocket ships and stars. Not to mention, these Oreos are the first ever to have a cut-out in the center, allowing consumers to view the colorful cream through the cookie — just like one might look out at the galaxy from a spaceship's window. But what does "cosmic cream" even taste like? According to the press release, the cream has a "marshmallowy flavor" (which honestly sounds similar to a classic Oreo) and is embedded with popping candies that feel and taste like shooting stars. It's a big leap visually and texturally from the usual.

Space Dunk Oreos will send somebody to space

This is not the first time Oreo has tapped into the beyond. In 2021, Oreo's sold-out Alien Cookies were classic double-stuffed Oreos with packaging designed to make them the perfect offering should extraterrestrial visitors come to Earth. Space Dunk Oreos have an original cosmic marshmallow taste and a more concrete mission ahead.

According to the press release, the Space Dunk Oreo is a product of a partnership with Space Perspective, a company that aims to give people access to space travel while achieving carbon neutrality. The Space Dunk Oreos begin presale on January 23 (one pack is $4.50), and the packaging contains a QR code that will let scanners enter a sweepstake to take a six-hour journey in Space Perspective's "Space Neptune" vessel and see Earth from a whole new angle. Anyone interested in participating can also enter through the website: LiftOff.OREO.com.

This space journey requires no special training on the part of the passengers — they just sit back in a Space Lounge and enjoy complimentary Oreos (hopefully in the new Space Dunk flavor) and cocktails while a SpaceBalloon gently lifts the vessel upward. This form of leisurely space travel sounds quite futuristic, but it seems random that Oreo — a cookie company — is helping give someone a chance to go to the brink of space. For anyone afraid of heights, though, at least you can get a taste of outer space via Oreo's new Space Dunk flavor.