Twitter Is Begging Jason Kelce To Be The Tailgate Anthony Bourdain

Taylor Swift isn't the only big-name supporter of the Kansas City Chiefs making headlines for their presence at playoff games this year. Jason Kelce (older brother of Chiefs star Travis Kelce) became an instant meme after his shirtless celebration in Buffalo earlier this year, beer in hand. Reports are circulating that the Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman is retiring, and while there's no formal announcement from Kelce (yet), fans on X, formerly known as Twitter, already have an idea for what he should do next — and it takes a page out of the playbook of one of the food world's most beloved figures.

User @CMDfashionista declared that Kelce should star in an HBO docu-series where he visits different teams each week and participates in their tailgate festivities. In their words, "like Anthony Bourdain but for pregames." The late chef was famous for his travels to far-flung corners of the globe and his ability to connect with people of diverse cultures. The suggestion to make Kelce the Bourdain of tailgating garnered more than 89,000 likes, thousands of reposts, and hundreds of supportive comments in less than a day, with many begging networks to take notice.

A love of food, drinks, and attention make it a perfect fit

Jason Kelce and Anthony Bourdain seem to share a love of food as well as connecting with people, though Kelce may have somewhat different tastes than the late chef. The NFL star recently tweeted out his McDonald's breakfast order, which he summed up as "2 sausage egg and cheese and a large coffee. Every time!"

From a more serious perspective, Kelce has also shown some interest in the media business. He and his brother Travis host the podcast "New Heights," which touches on a mix of personal football insights, NFL news, and other topics. He's also proven to draw plenty of eyeballs, as thousands of thirsty fans wondered what beer Kelce was drinking during the Chiefs' playoff game. Some argued he brought hundreds of thousands of dollars of free advertising for Bud Light and Labatt Blue (his drinks of choice), who would also be natural allies in any show about exploring the tailgate scene.

Time will tell what's next for Kelce and whether hungry tailgating fans' hopes become a reality, but he's sure to have plenty of attention whether he follows in Bourdain's footsteps or takes a different post-NFL path.