Eric André's Go-To Super Bowl Snack - Exclusive

Everyone has their own favorite part of the Super Bowl. For some, it is the game itself; for others, it is the halftime show or commercials. But the one thing that brings everyone together is making sure the snacks are on point. Most people prefer wings or nachos during the Super Bowl, but comedian Eric André has something else in mind: Drumsticks. In an exclusive interview, André revealed that when it comes time for the big game, he has one destination and one go-to treat: "I'm in my bathtub. I got a Drumstick in each hand, and I'm rooting for the Miami Dolphins, no matter what." 

While the comment was made in jest, André does love a Drumstick. He enjoys the frozen dessert so much that he will be a part of Drumstick's first-ever Superbowl commercial alongside Dr. Umstick, the company's Drumstick-obsessed mascot. While sadly for André, the Miami Dolphins will not be in the Super Bowl this year, he will still be able to fulfill his wish of double-fisting Drumsticks, which may just take some of the sting out of his team's absence.

The best drumstick flavors

As you have gathered, André is no casual Drumstick fan. He is a Drumstick aficionado. As such, André knows precisely where he falls on the nuts versus no nuts debate. "Nuts. It's a no brainer. I'll say it again. I'll say it anytime. It's a no brainer. Love that crunch."

Additionally, André likes his drumsticks to have a chocolate or caramel center. When the suggestion of straight vanilla ice cream came up, he responded, "Straight vanilla ice cream? What am I, Jeffrey Dahmer? Caramel chocolate core. What kind of psychopath doesn't like flavor?" So we know André's pick for his Super Bowl confection of choice.

Luckily for those with different tastes, Drumstick offers several sizes and flavors, including some with and without nuts, various fillings, and different ice cream flavors. So no matter your preference, there will be something for you come the big game. 

To make Super Bowl Monday a national holiday, sign the #DrumstickMonday petition. Signers will also be entered in the Drumstick sweepstakes to have their #DrumstickMonday dreams fulfilled.