Sunny Anderson's Favorite Meal Is A Spicy Breakfast Classic

Starting your day off on the right foot can be made easier by eating a delicious breakfast. There are so many options from sweet pancakes and waffles to savory breakfast burritos or fried eggs. Some people, like Food Network's Sunny Anderson, prefer a breakfast that packs a punch and sets tastebuds ablaze. Anderson shared that her favorite meal to cook is huevos rancheros. Huevos rancheros is traditionally a Mexican breakfast dish made with fried eggs, salsa, and crispy corn tortillas. The name in Spanish translates to rancher's eggs and is a simple dish that packs a ton of flavor.

It isn't too shocking that Anderson's favorite meal to cook is a "good huevos rancheros," considering she loves food that has a kick (she always has this special spicy condiment in her pantry). Her huevos rancheros recipe incorporates jalapenos and hot sauce as topping for her eggs. Even though huevos rancheros is a breakfast dish, there are no rules that say it wouldn't make a great lunch or even breakfast-for-dinner play. Huevos rancheros come together pretty quickly, as the only real prep is to make the salsa. Anderson shares two huevos rancheros recipes that slightly differ to satisfy several different tastes.

Add some flair to your huevos rancheros

Sunny Anderson veers slightly off course of huevos rancheros' Mexican roots by using feta cheese instead of chihuahua or cotija. Huevos rancheros typically come with a side of refried beans, which are made from pinto beans. Anderson, however, switches it up by using black beans, which she cooks in a pan with garlic and slightly smashes. If you are not a bean fan, simply omitting them from your huevos rancheros is A-OK.

If you want to bulk up your huevos rancheros, consider adding in some breakfast meat, even though it's not traditional. In Anderson's Insta Huevos Rancheros recipe, she throws in some chorizo and pickled jalapenos for some needed tang and spice. If you're looking to skip the tortillas, you can even make huevos rancheros breakfast bowls, piling all the classic ingredients on top of polenta or rice. Of course, spice is essential to huevos rancheros, and something Anderson wouldn't do without. If you are spice-averse, though, you can always leave off the hot sauce or remove the seeds and ribs from the jalapenos before adding them. Huevos rancheros make a great vessel for you to experiment with, whether your tastes are similar to Anderson's or not.