Taylor Swift's Super Bowl 2024 Chug Impressed Even Us

As we all expected, Taylor Swift is in attendance for Super Bowl LVIII. Despite performing a show as part of "The Eras Tour" in Tokyo the night before today's big game, she is up in the stands to support Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs as they take on the San Francisco 49ers. Swifties and football fans watching the game have likely seen her on-screen already. She is with plenty of friends, like singer Ice Spice and actress Blake Lively, and they are up to the usual football game customs — including the drinks!

The NFL shared a video to X, formerly known as Twitter, of Swift chugging her drink in synchrony with her stylist and close friend Ashley Avignone, with the post calling the singer an "Icon." The NFL knows iconic behavior when they see it; Swift chugged the glass clean. She's faced a lot of criticism in her career, but the Grammy-winning singer undeniably chugs like a pro and fits right in with football culture.

'It's giving Anti-Hero'

Taylor Swift fans are living for this relatable moment. One X user commented, "If I were her right now, I'd be chugging it as well. Lol." At the time of her chugging, the game was off to a very slow start. The San Francisco 49ers were ahead of the Chiefs 3 to 0. Any football fan knows that inaction can be stressful, and any lead — even a small one — carries weight. That said, attending this big game merits a chug, no matter the score.

Swift always seems to have a fun time up in the stands and doesn't take things too seriously. Fans love to compare her behavior with her different album eras, and one X user and Swift fan observed the rebellious action and concluded, "It's giving anti-hero." If anyone feels inspired by her impressive chug, there's a Taylor Swift drinking game you can play at home with your friends for the Super Bowl party of your wildest dreams.