Put Canned Cinnamon Rolls In Your Waffle Iron For A Breakfast Mash-Up

Choosing what to eat can be difficult, especially first thing in the morning. Pancakes or French toast? Bacon or sausage? Scrambled or fried eggs? And sometimes, you may still long for the breakfast items left behind after you've decided. If you're stuck between waffles and cinnamon rolls, for example, there's an easy and clever way to experience the best of both worlds: cinnamon roll waffles. But there's no need to waste dishes by mixing up a batch of waffle mix. Instead, simply pull out your favorite brand of canned cinnamon rolls and fire up the waffle iron for a delicious breakfast mash-up that might even make you excited to hear your alarm in the morning.

After you preheat your waffle maker, coat both sides of the iron with cooking spray. Place a single cinnamon roll in the middle of the grid, close the lid, and cook thoroughly. The result will be a delightfully crispy cinnamon roll imprinted with those familiar waffle pockets. You can fill these with either maple syrup or a cream cheese glaze and garnish them with nuts, fruit, or even bacon to give your stack of cinnamon roll waffles a savory twist.

Use these tips and tricks for the best cinnamon roll waffles

The number of things you can make in a waffle iron is pretty much endless, so if you've yet to try cinnamon roll waffles, now might be the time. There are a few tips and tricks, however, that you may want to know before getting started on this mouthwatering breakfast treat.

For starters, it's wise to have more than one can of cinnamon rolls at the ready. Since waffle makers differ from kitchen to kitchen, it's tricky to pinpoint exactly how long it will take for your cinnamon rolls to cook, but the process of achieving that perfect golden-brown exterior will likely take anywhere from 30 seconds to four minutes. To perfect your recipe, you'll need to experiment with your specific waffle iron, which means having some extra rolls on hand, just in case.

If your waffle maker isn't non-stick, you'll also want to apply cooking spray in between rolls. Depending on how big your waffle maker is, you might also want to flatten each uncooked roll with your hand slightly before putting it on the grid. Then, when the rolls are done, place them on a wire baking rack to prevent them from getting soggy.