Eric André-Approved Poppies Deli Brings A Taste Of New York To Florida - Exclusive

Eric André loves a quality sandwich, a fact we found out during an exclusive interview in the course of which he managed to eat an entire sub sandwich and a bag of chips in seven minutes. André, as it turns out, is a devoted foodie. Since André travels so much for work, he has favorite restaurants all over the world. Inevitably, though, we had to come back to where André was born, near Boca Raton, Florida. "Options are limited ... Ruby Tuesday's, Macaroni Grill." Outside of these national chains, though, André says there is one restaurant he still remembers to this day: the New York-style Poppies Deli in Delray Beach.

Poppies Deli was founded in 1986 and is still going strong today, and it's easy to see why André has fond memories of it. Delis have become synonymous with New York City, where they're known for offering casual, hearty meals in a convivial and welcoming neighborhood atmosphere. That is what Albert, founder of Poppies, wanted to bring with him when he moved his whole family to Del Ray. "In 1986, a devoted family man named Albert packed his family in the car and set out for sunny South Florida. The tradition of a New York Deli and Jewish comfort food along with his uncanny knack for the art of kibitzing, won the hearts of all of his customers," (per the Poppies website).

What is Poppies Deli?

The family, originally from the Brooklyn area, wanted to create a little piece of New York in Florida. For them, it wasn't just about the food but also about building those lifelong relationships that sustain a business and a community. People in the area seem to agree that Poppies succeeded. 

Of course, it isn't enough to offer just a meeting place. The food has to be on point too. The menu is based on a quintessential New York deli and offers a wide range of items including a full bakery with black and white cookies, cheesecake, and rugelach. The restaurant specializes in classic sandwiches, such as pastrami and corned beef, which are served on rye bread with potato pancakes and cole slaw. 

Boca Raton has a large Jewish population, with many leaving New York and retiring to the sunny city, and the nostalgia of Poppies has resonated with its ex-New Yorker fans. "We still know we can go here for a great traditional 'Jewish deli' meal. Their matzah ball soup is incredible with vegetables, chunks of boiled chicken, and tender matzah balls, the brisket sandwich was piled high and as tasty as Katz's in lower Manhattan," one longtime customer raved on Yelp. For those looking for a taste of home, Poppies is a true old-school deli classic.