Buffalo Wild Wings Tips Off March Madness With Deals

For those who fell in love with it during last year's March Madness, Honey Garlic sauce is back for a limited time, along with a new flavor: Honey Sriracha. The combination of honey and spicy ingredients like chiles, also known as hot honey, has exploded in popularity in recent years. Between 2016 and 2020, its presence on menus increased by 187%, according to QSR Magazine. So the new, limited-edition sauce sounds like something many customers will probably go for.

Buffalo Wild Wings fans know this month is a good time to look for deals like BOGO March Madness. The first round of the NCAA tournament starts on March 21, and any customer who places a delivery, dine-in, or takeout order for boneless wings on that day will get a second one for free. But that's only the beginning and not just for the tournament rounds.

Just as Super Bowl overtime means free Buffalo Wild Wings, it means freebies during the NCAA tournament. Whenever a men's or women's game goes into overtime, members of B-Dubs' Blazin' Rewards program can get six free boneless wings. The cutoff for collecting on the offer is 30 days after the NCAA championship.

Fans compete against a real buffalo's bracket predictions

Some folks may be a little disappointed that Buffalo Wild Wings' March Madness "overtime" merchandise is currently unavailable for 2024. However, the chicken wing chain might bet on fans being too distracted by its free wing deals, Overtime Wingtime return, and a real, live buffalo picking the NCAA brackets to care. That's right. This year, B-Dubs is joining the tradition of letting animals choose the winners with its Beat the Buffalo game. Unlike some animals that have tried to predict sporting event outcomes, like Paul the Psychic Octopus or Fiona the hippopotamus, the buffalo doesn't seem to have an official name. (It probably won't be Hank since that's already the name of the BWW mascot.)

March Madness fans will have from 9 a.m. ET on March 18 until the first game tips off on March 21 to turn in their selections at BeattheBuffalo.com, and B-Dubs will reveal the buffalo's brackets on Tuesday, March 19. When the tournament is over, the top 10% who "Beat the Buffalo" for the men's brackets and the top 10% for the women's brackets will be entered into a drawing. Two people — one for the men and one for the women — will be randomly chosen as the winners of the ultimate prize: a year's worth of free chicken wings and tickets to 2025's NCAA Final Four.