Make Your Fried Bologna Sandwich Gourmet With Garlic Bread

Most people's bologna sandwiches from childhood likely consisted of white bread, a few slices of cold meat, and a healthy smear of mayo. Luckily (at least for those who never stopped loving the lunchtime staple), bologna experienced a revival back in the late 2010s when a fried version of the sandwich began popping up at restaurants and sandwich shops across the U.S. This sandwich is the epitome of high-brow meets low-brow, but Mashed recipe developer Angela Latimer's gourmet fried bologna sandwich reminds us that you don't need lots of bells and whistles to take your sandwich to the next level — just butter and garlic salt.

One of the easiest ways to transform this childhood favorite into a restaurant-worthy creation is by building it on homemade garlic bread. Giving your regular sandwich bread the gourmet garlic treatment is easy: Simply combine softened butter and garlic salt, generously spread the mixture across both slices of bread, and toss them in a hot skillet for a couple of minutes on each side. While Latimer uses a ciabatta roll, thick-cut white bread, potato bread, or brioche will also work.

Garlic bread gives your bologna sandwich flavor, texture, and structure

A massive boost of buttery flavor isn't the only reason you should use garlic bread to build your next sandwich; it also improves the dish's overall texture. While many folks loaded potato chips onto their bologna sandwiches in childhood, Angela Latimer's addition of toasted garlic bread supplies the sandwich with the heavenly crunch we've always craved. Letting the bread get a little crispy also creates a sturdier sandwich that's easier to eat.

You can make your fried bologna sandwich even more gourmet by incorporating fresh garlic, as well as garlic salt — though you should cook the fresh garlic first to mellow its bite. If you're taking the sandwich route because you're pressed for time, you can still get that gourmet taste and texture with store-bought garlic bread. Frozen garlic Texas toast is a tasty and affordable option when your fried bologna sandwich (or even just your grilled cheese) needs a Texas twist.

At the end of the day, Latimer says the secret to the perfect fried bologna sandwich is proper planning. "This is an extremely easy sandwich to make," she told Mashed, adding, "The bologna fries up quickly, so it's just a matter of having everything ready to assemble so you can enjoy the sandwich while still warm."