How To Score A Free Costco Glass Tumbler, According To Reddit

For some, Costco is just another place to stock up on food and other household necessities. For others, the chain is a way of life. These cardholders go beyond the typical weekly grocery pickup (fueled by all-you-can-eat free samples), not only by spreading the word about their latest Costco finds, but by showing off their allegiance with merch. Take, for example, the infamous Kirkland Signature sweatshirt or the viral T-shirt that displays the food court's iconic hot dog. Now, Costco fans can tout their love for the big-box retailer while hydrating with a branded water bottle, which folks on Reddit claim you can pick up completely free of charge.

"New Costco glass tumblers with wooden screw caps. The plastic cover has Costco logo all over it," one Reddit user shared in a March 26 post. They also included three photos of the item, which features a blue logo sleeve made of silicone (not plastic, as they initially suggested) and has a small rope handle attached to the lid.

So, how can you get this Costco swag? Simply set up auto-renewal for your membership with a team member. According to one Costco fan on Facebook, kiosks to do so are now set up in warehouses and will remain through March 30 (though this may vary by location).

Not all Costco members are impressed by this freebie

A free glass tumbler is in store for Costco members who set up auto-renewal for their membership, but what if you've already done so? According to one user from another Reddit post, you can unenroll on the grocer's website before heading to your local warehouse, then re-enroll in-store to score the freebie. Some commenters in the thread, however, weren't convinced that this particular piece of Costco swag was worth the effort.

Sure, this auto-renewal gift is no Stanley cup (which, if you're put off by the fact that they contain lead, might be fine by you), but how bad could a free water bottle really be? Apparently, pretty bad. One Redditor called them the "Worst bottles ever created." Another noted that they appeared to be low-quality, while a third shared their personal experience with a water bottle of a similar design. "[It] doesn't insulate that well and if you leave it in the fridge to keep your liquid cold, the cap will shrink and is a pain to open," they reported. Others said they simply don't need yet another reusable water bottle, so many Costco members seem to be fine skipping this giveaway.