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Velveeta's Cheese-Colored Hair Dye Lets You Channel Your Inner Julia Fox

Do you love cheese so much that you wish you could turn into a walking, talking, hunk of cheese — or, at least, look as much like one as is humanly possible? While the entry-level step to becoming a cheese-person is undoubtedly wearing a foam wedge on your head (these can be found wherever Green Bay Packers fan gear is sold), the next step is to frequent spray tanning establishments so you can dye your skin an appropriate shade of orange. The final step in your cheese-volution, however, is to dye your hair a cheesy orange. Per a press release shared with Mashed, Velveeta is here to help you out.

Yes, we're talking about Velveeta, the same not-quite-a-real-cheese brand that's ventured into unexpected territory before by launching cheese-scented nail polish in 2022 and followed it up with artisanal chocolate-cheese truffles in 2024. This time, it's going all-in on promoting Velveeta Gold hair dye (yes, it's meant to turn your hair the same color as pasteurized, processed cheese food) — it's even enlisted a celebrity spokesperson: actress Julia Fox. Fox changes her hair color from time to time, as many actresses do, and she's a self-proclaimed fan of cheesy pasta. When asked to be the first famous person to try out Velveeta Gold, she replied that cheese-colored hair was "a look I can totally get behind."

Velveeta Gold will only be available online

If you're scanning the shelves for Velveeta hair dye at Walgreen's or Sally Beauty Supply, you're bound to be disappointed. This product is only going to be available on Amazon.com, and that's just for an unspecified "limited time." (No surprise there.) It will be priced at $7.50 while it lasts, which is around the price that the same vendor charges for a three-pack of Velveeta shells and cheese and maybe a buck or so more than you'd pay for a 1-pound block of the cheesy food.

As to what you can get for your money, the dye comes in 4-ounce tubs that the manufacturer says should be sufficient to dye short hair. If you have long hair, however, you may need two tubs. The dye is semi-permanent, as well, which means it should last through up to six shampoos. Assuming this works like other dyes, it will really only give you that signature Velveeta coloring if your hair is lighter than the shade of dye. So, if you're a brunette, you will probably need to pre-bleach in order for it to work.