Add A Spring Theme To Your Favorite Fruity Pie With Whipped Cream Flowers

While some folks consider pie season to fall somewhere around the autumn and winter holidays, spring is when all those perfectly pie-worthy fruits become juicy and abundant. Whether you're a fan of strawberry or blueberry, rhubarb or peach, few things better indicate that warmer days are coming than a sweet fruit-filled pie. Pie is one of those tasty treats that will be a hit at any party. Plus, there's nothing better than showing up to a shindig with a homemade pie, especially if that pie is covered in tiny whipped cream flowers.

Transforming your favorite blueberry pie recipe into a dessert so darling it might give you cute aggression isn't that difficult. Besides, who decided cakes are the only desserts that can have piped whipped cream flowers? To give your blueberry pie a precious spring makeover, start by filling a piping bag with homemade whipped cream. Pipe five small circular dollops (each touching) on your pie in the shape of a flower. You can either place the flowers randomly around the pie or line one side with them. Pop a blueberry in the center of each flower to complete the look. Requiring very little piping bag know-how, this simple technique produces flowers shaped like groovy daisies for '70s-inspired design. However, with some skill and a few different piping bag tips, you can also make other classic piping bag flowers like roses, hydrangeas, and chrysanthemums to give your pie a little spring flair.

Sturdy whipped cream is essential

To pull this off, you're going to need some sturdy whipped cream. One of the biggest mistakes people make with homemade whipped cream is forgetting to chill the bowl and cream beforehand. The best practice is to use a metal bowl that has been in the freezer for 15 to 30 minutes. You should chill your mixer's beaters while you're at it. The fat in the cream gives structural integrity to the whipped cream's peaks and using cold tools keeps the fat from melting. It's also critical that you use cream with enough fat (between 30% and 35%). While the white whipped cream produces a lovely contrast against the brightly colored fruit, you can also use food coloring to dye it different colors for a full garden effect!


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Although some pie recipes may not call for a top crust, this particular technique requires the stability one provides. A lattice pie crust will also allow a little more color contrast, letting the flowers pop. What's more, whipped cream flowers aren't just reserved for blueberry pie. You can use them to gussy up your strawberry or peach pie recipe — or whatever fruity pie you like. This easy piping bag technique can also be used to decorate spring tarts, bundt cakes, or lemon squares.