The Best Costco Kirkland Coffee Pod Is A Bold Favorite

Anyone who regularly uses single-serving coffee pods knows that not all of them are created equal. Some are harsh, unpleasant, and can barely be called coffee, while others are sublime, highly drinkable options that could compete with a brew from a real cafe. One of the best places to pick up these pods at an affordable price is Costco, and out of all the varieties available through the store's Kirkland brand, one stands out among the rest.

According to Mashed's ranking of Costco's Kirkland coffee pods, Pacific Bold came out on top. It's a fair-trade certified dark roast (made from organic beans, as are other Kirkland pods) that its packaging describes as "extra bold." Reviewer Steven Luna called it "confident without being forceful and restrained without being weak." He went on to praise the aroma and noted that it was especially satisfying with a bit of sugar and almond milk. Luna also noted that it's an excellent choice when making more complicated and sophisticated coffee drinks at home

How the rest stacked up — and why

Pacific Bold bested three other Kirkland coffee pod varieties, including the light roast Breakfast Blend, which came in second. Summit Roast landed at the bottom of the list, with Steven Luna's review labeling it "the 'meh' of the Kirkland coffee pod collection" and comparing it to the type of coffee you'd find in an office break room.

While coffee preferences are naturally subjective, Mashed standardized the process for these rankings, preparing each cup in the same coffeemaker using eight ounces of water. Luna smelled and tasted the fresh coffee without any additions and then did the same after adding almond milk and sugar. The review also considered each coffee's flavor once it cooled. 

It should come as no surprise that Kirkland produces an excellent coffee pod. Coffee fans are likely familiar with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, but fewer know they're reportedly the popular coffee brand behind Costco's K-Cups. If you want to try Mashed's recommendation — ranked highly for its affordability, flavor, and convenience — grab a pack of Pacific Bold on your next Costco trip.