This Steakhouse Chain Restaurant Serves The Best Surf And Turf

Can't decide if you're in the mood for steak or seafood? Surf and turf is a classic steakhouse menu item that's perfect for those with a bad case of indecision. Mashed took a deep dive into this dish, scoping out menus from chains like Outback Steakhouse, Ruth's Chris, and more, culminating in a ranking of popular steakhouse chains' surf and turf. Our conclusion? Those who want a taste of the best surf and turf should head over to The Capital Grille.

Mashed pored over hundreds of customer reviews to determine this ranking. We also took into account the quality of ingredients, cooking techniques, portions, prices, and more. These factors all came into play when crowning The Capital Grille's version of the dish our winner, which you'll find as "Seared Tenderloin with Butter Poached Lobster Tails" on the chain's menu. This entrée may run anywhere between $66 to $74 depending on location, so it may not be your everyday dinner item (unlike this easy sheet pan surf and turf recipe), but it's a worthwhile splurge for surf-and-turf appreciators.

What makes The Capital Grille's surf and turf special?

Beef is a staple part of surf and turf, so The Capital Grille opts for tenderloin. The tenderloin cut is a very small section of the cow, which is also where filet mignon comes from. Tenderloin is regarded as being one of the most tender cuts of beef, so this, along with its short supply, makes tenderloin more expensive than other cuts. The Capital Grille also dry-ages its steaks on premises for 18 to 24 days, a process by which steak is left in a temperature-controlled environment to age. This allows the steak to tenderize before it is cut and grilled.

There is more room for variation with the seafood used in surf and turf. Shrimp, scallops, and crab are all fair game, and even sea urchins and steak are an unrivaled pairing. But, The Capital Grille goes for a more classic combination of lobster served with the cut of tenderloin steak. Diners are treated to a lobster tail poached in butter, which imparts both flavor and tenderness, and they can look forward to their seafood always being fresh at The Capital Grille. One Yelp reviewer described their enjoyable experience eating the entrée: "I ate so slowly savoring every bite, especially the lobster tail." Another reviewer on Google noted, "My tenderloin practically melted in my mouth, and the lobster tails were sweet and tender."