15 Popular Steakhouse Chains' Surf & Turf Ranked Worst To Best, According To Customers

Think of the most decadent dish you can order at a steakhouse, and we're willing to bet surf and turf comes to mind. Typically combining steak and lobster or shrimp, the dish is rich, indulgent, and often extravagant in presentation and price. Many steakhouse chains in the U.S. have some form of surf and turf on the menu for diners who want to celebrate a special occasion or those who simply want a sumptuous meal.

It's hard to say exactly where surf and turf originated, but many food historians agree that it became a steakhouse staple in the 1960s. The most common pairing is filet mignon and lobster tail, although there are plenty of variations featuring different cuts of steak and seafood like shrimp, crab legs, and scallops. Regardless of which ingredients are paired, the best versions of the dish feature top-quality steak and seafood cooked to perfection.

To help you determine which steakhouse chains offer surf and turf that's worth splurging on, we took a number of factors into account, including freshness, flavor, portion size, and the reception that the dish gets from diners. Based on our research, this is our definitive ranking of steakhouse chains' surf and turf, listed from sub-standard to spectacular.

15. Logan's Roadhouse

With over 100 locations across the United States, chances are there's a Logan's Roadhouse close to you. The chain specializes in steak and seafood, offering both together with the Sirloin Surf & Turf Trio. This substantial dish includes a 6-ounce sirloin steak, two crab cakes, grilled shrimp, and rice. You can upgrade the steak to an 8-ounce portion if you're craving more red meat, and add a variety of sides like fries, steamed broccoli, and mac and cheese. 

The dish ranges from about $32 to $35 depending on the size of the steak, which is slightly pricier than many casual steakhouse chains. In addition, the surf and turf doesn't get great reviews from diners. Many customers comment on how tough the steak is. That may be because the chain uses USDA Choice beef, which has less marbling than USDA Prime. Customers also comment often on how poorly the food is cooked. One Yelp reviewer said, "Steak was cold, the rice was undercooked, the crab cakes were way overcooked, and the broccoli was so over steamed they were a pile of mush." 

14. Sizzler

Sizzler is another steakhouse chain that fails to impress some diners with its surf and turf. There are actually several versions of the dish on the menu, including steak with fried jumbo shrimp, fried mini shrimp, grilled shrimp, or lobster. The combos come with sirloin steak and your choice of sides, including baked potato, rice, or fries. You can also upgrade to a New York strip or ribeye for an extra cost.

The main problem many diners have with Sizzler's surf and turf is the seafood. One unhappy patron commented on Yelp, "[The] lobster was overcooked, falling apart from [the] shell. Chef just placed the pieces of lobster on top of [the] shell." Another dissatisfied diner left a Google review that said, "The shrimp was completely flavorless. Looks like it was boiled, charred for one sec, then smothered in paprika. The lobster tail was the saddest thing ever." Judging from the reviews, you may be better off sticking with just the steak.

13. Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse is many people's go-to spot when they want budget-friendly steak from a steakhouse chain. If you don't mind paying a bit more to add seafood to your steak, you can add grilled shrimp with your choice of filet, ribeye, or sirloin. By default, the shrimp is seasoned and drizzled with garlic lemon butter, but you can request it plain. The combo plates also come with two sides and a non-alcoholic beverage.

According to diner reviews, the surf and turf at Texas Roadhouse can be very hit or miss. Some diners have okay things to say about it, while others complain that the steak is fatty and the shrimp is too salty. At several locations, diners complained about the dishes coming out cold. For example, one Yelp reviewer reviewer said, "My ribeye was tough and seemed not freshly grilled but lukewarm, as if reheated. I found it inedible after a few bites. My wife's steak and the rubbery, oddly smelling shrimp shared this lukewarm, likely reheated quality." 

12. Outback

When it came to ranking Texas Roadhouse vs. Outback Steakhouse, the surf and turf at Outback came out ahead, but just marginally. The main reason is that Outback has more seafood options. You can order a sirloin or ribeye steak with grilled shrimp or coconut shrimp and filet mignon with lobster. You can also top any of Outback's cuts with shrimp, lobster tail, or the Toowoomba Topping, which consists of seasoned shrimp with mushrooms in a creamy Creole sauce. The surf and turf meals start at around $23, which is on par with several other casual steakhouse chains.

Outback's surf and turf used to get many favorable reviews, but more recent comments indicate that the food has gone downhill. Many customers complain about overcooked steak and shrimp. One diner left a Google review saying, "We all ordered sirloin, and one also had coconut shrimp. All three steaks came out to the wrong doneness, and the shrimp could have been used to hammer in nails." The lobster gets better reviews than the shrimp, although some patrons comment that it can be rubbery.

11. Longhorn Steakhouse

LongHorn Steakhouse is another casual steakhouse chain that offers several surf and turf options. Meat and seafood fans can order the sirloin with grilled shrimp skewers brushed with a smoky tomato butter, or the filet with a cold-water lobster tail. The steaks can also be topped with shrimp or a lobster tail. The surf and turf dishes come with rice and your choice of two sides. Recommended pairings include the shrimp and lobster chowder.

The chain claims that all of the steaks are fresh and never frozen. However, the beef is USDA Choice grade, which is a level down from USDA Prime. In addition, the sides aren't necessarily made from scratch. A former LongHorn employee commented on Reddit, "All the steaks and meats are fresh. All the sides come out of a bag or can though." That may be why some diners find the surf and turf meals underwhelming. A diner on TripAdvisor said, "The food was most likely microwaved resulting in rubberized lobster and soggy fries."

10. The Keg

Founded in Vancouver, Canada in 1971, The Keg now has locations across North America, including branches in Arizona, Colorado, Texas, and Washington. This mid-range chain serves classic steakhouse fare like lobster bisque, wedge salad, several cuts of steak, and seafood. You can make any steak order a surf and turf meal by adding grilled jumbo shrimp, a lobster tail, a crab cake, or creamy Oscar sauce with shrimp, scallops, and asparagus.

While some diners enjoy the surf and turf options at The Keg, many say the quality doesn't justify the price. The biggest complaints are that the seafood is overcooked and unappetizing. One Yelp reviewer said, "The shrimp wasn't good at all. It had almost no flavor and was really tough." A Google reviewer had a similar experience with the lobster, saying, "The lobster tail was a huge disappointment, over-salted. Overly priced for a piece of lobster tail that was cooked with mediocre skill."

9. Saltgrass Steakhouse

If you're from Texas or spend a lot of time there, you may be familiar with Saltgrass Steakhouse. The chain got its start in Houston in 1991, and now there are close to 100 locations in several states. The chain uses Certified Angus Beef, which puts it ahead of some of its competitors. It also offers an array of seafood options including surf and turf combos with steak and shrimp. Some of the toppings include seafood as well, including Oscar topping with crabmeat in a creamy sauce and the Cajun topping with shrimp and crawfish in lemon butter.

Saltgrass is pretty middle-of-the-road when it comes to steakhouse chains. Diners find the food decent, but nothing fancy or special. The steak gets okay reviews from many diners, but the shrimp doesn't fare as well. Many customers complain about the shrimp being overcooked, soggy, or just lacking in flavor. A few different patrons commented that the shrimp were not deveined. Overall, it seems people find the dishes pretty forgettable. As one Google reviewer said, "There were no 'wow' moments."

8. Ruth's Chris Steak House

Ruth's Chris Steak House has earned a solid reputation for its classic steakhouse dishes served in elegant settings. It's pricey, but the real reason Ruth's Chris is so expensive is the quality ingredients. According to the Ruth's Chris website, the chain serves only USDA Prime beef that is wet-aged to enhance the flavor. All of the steaks can be complemented with seafood like the North Atlantic lobster tail, grilled shrimp, and Oscar sauce with a crab cake. The prix fixe menu also features a surf and turf entrée with a six-ounce filet and a buttery lobster tail.

Customers give mixed reviews about Ruth's Chris' surf and turf. Some say the steak and seafood are flavorful. However, more than a few people commented on how their lobster was overcooked. One OpenTable reviewer described the lobster as having "a bouncy ball consistency." Some reviewers believe the surf and turf is "severely overpriced." The seafood dish that gets the best reviews is not part of the surf and turf, but rather the lobster mac and cheese side dish. Ringing in at about $33 (depending on location), it's not cheap, but it may be more satisfying than the classic surf and turf.

7. Charlie Palmer

Celebrity chef Charlie Palmer has four steakhouses in New York City, Napa, Reno, and Washington D.C. Each is upscale and contemporary with menus that feature dishes from the land and sea. If you want to combine both, the Surf and Turf entrée comes with a petite filet mignon, half lobster tail, wilted baby spinach, and potato purée. Seafood lovers can also add roasted prawns, seared scallops, or Oscar sauce to any steak order.

Charlie Palmer's version of surf and turf gets some favorable reviews, with customers saying they were satisfied with the flavors and presentation. However, some patrons described the lobster as "overcooked" and "chewy." Others said the portions were small. For example, one Yelp reviewer said, "Side lobster tail was tasty but was about the size of a 1⁄3 lobster tail. Flavors were good on the rest of the food, but [the] experience was underwhelming." The ingredients are good quality, but you would expect a little more from a high-end steakhouse, especially with the surf and turf ringing in at $115.

6. Morton's The Steakhouse

Surf and turf lovers have plenty of options to choose from at Morton's The Steakhouse. You can top your steak with jumbo grilled shrimp, a cold-water lobster tail, or Oscar-style crab. You can also pair it with bacon-wrapped scallops or add a side lobster mac and cheese to create a seafood smorgasbord. Your steak and add-ons won't be cheap, but some diners believe it's worth the hefty price.

Morton's uses only USDA Prime beef, so you can expect more flavor from the marbled fat than steakhouses that use Choice cuts. In addition, the way Morton's cooks its steaks over a screaming hot grill also gives it a tasty charred crust. As for the seafood, it's typically fresh and gets many positive reviews from diners. One diner who ordered the surf and turf with lobster said on Yelp, "Steak was perfectly done and well seasoned. The lobster tail was exceptional." Like many large steakhouse chains though, Morton's does get its fair share of complaints about the lobster being overcooked and tough. 

5. Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar

A notable fact about Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar is that it's part of the Bloomin' Brands restaurant group, which also includes Outback Steakhouse. The two steakhouse chains are vastly different though. Fleming's aims to bridge the gap between fine dining and casual with upscale but comfortable spaces, polished service, and premium ingredients. The steaks are USDA Prime and the seafood pairings include Alaskan golden king crab legs, truffle poached lobster, seared scallops, and shrimp.

If you're planning a trip to Fleming's Prime with lobster surf and turf on your mind, you'll be happy to hear that it gets mostly positive reviews. One diner on Yelp said, "Soft, moist, and juicy lobster. The portion of lobster was actually big too!" Another diner on TripAdvisor said of the surf and turf, "My filet was outstanding, seasoned just right, and cooked perfectly. The lobster was also cooked just right and a little lemon juice with drawn butter hit the spot." You may want to skip the crab legs though, as they can be hit or miss.

4. Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse

Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse earned a spot on our list of chain restaurants that serve the best lobster thanks to its exceptionally fresh and flavorful lobster served in a variety of dishes. The chain also earns accolades for its high-quality USDA Prime steaks, including the filet mignon, porterhouse, and tomahawk. Surf and turf fans can combine the steak with a cold-water lobster tail, seared jumbo scallop, or creamy Oscar sauce. Popular seafood starters and sides also include the lobster bisque and lobster macaroni and cheese.

If you really want to go all out at Del Frisco's, consider the Surf and Turf Filet Trio. It comes with filet medallions topped with jumbo shrimp, a mini crab cake, and scallop. Some diners say it's the best entrée on the menu. One Google reviewer called the steak "melt-in-your-mouth greatness." Regardless of which surf and turf combo you try, it's important to note that it will cost you a pretty penny. Be prepared to splash out. Also, be aware that the chain has a strict upscale dress code.

3. Smith & Wollensky

You can expect a classic steakhouse experience when you visit a Smith & Wollensky steakhouse, from sophisticated dining rooms to indulgent steak and seafood dishes. The chain serves top-notch products like USDA Prime, American Wagyu beef, and Maine lobster. If you want the best of both, you can top your steak with a lobster tail. The decadent Surf & Turf for Two is great for sharing, as it comes with an 18-ounce filet with zesty chimichurri and two lobster tails with garlic butter. There is also a decadent Filet Oscar with lump crab meat, asparagus, and hollandaise sauce.

"The surf and turf was fantastic," said one diner in a Google review. "Medium-rare steak cooked to perfection, lobster+lemon+butter stole the show." Another diner on OpenTable echoed the sentiment, saying, "My dining companion had the surf and turf and the lobster was cooked to perfection and absolutely luscious." A review on Yelp called the dish "a masterpiece cooked to perfection." The only complaints that some people have is that the service can be slightly stand-offish and the sides are a bit small.

2. The Palm

For nearly 100 years, The Palm has been satisfying hungry guests with succulent steaks and tasty Italian dishes. The first restaurant opened in New York City in 1926 and became a local institution famed for its surf and turf consisting of steak and lobster. You can still get the classic combo today at the chain's numerous locations around the country. The Palm Duo includes an 8-ounce center-cut filet and an 8-ounce lobster tail. You can complement it with sides like the shrimp risotto or provolone mac and cheese.

Patrons of The Palm rave about the surf and turf, with many calling it "excellent" and "outstanding." According to one Yelp reviewer, "The lobster was moist and succulent with the shell packed full of meat. The steak was tender and plentiful, cooked perfectly to order." Many customers comment on the ample portion sizes and how tasty the sides are. Plus, most locations get shout-outs for the fun atmosphere and warm service. All of these factors place The Palm as a solid runner-up for the best steakhouse chain surf and turf.

1. The Capital Grille

Out of all the steakhouse chains we researched, The Capital Grille came out on top for its delectable surf and turf. The chain's version includes a seared tenderloin steak with lobster tails poached in butter. It sounds simple, but the quality of the ingredients takes it to the next level. The Capital Grille dry ages its beef in-house for up to 24 days before hand carving it to ensure the steaks are tender and the texture is just right. The lobster is always fresh, and the butter poaching imparts flavor and makes it ultra-tender.

Most diners agree that the steak and lobster combo at The Capital Grille is out of this world. One diner left a Google review saying, "I had the seared tenderloin with poached lobster tail and all I can say is OMG!" Another Google reviewer said, "My tenderloin practically melted in my mouth, and the lobster tails were sweet and tender." Diners say you shouldn't sleep on the sides either. The lobster mac and cheese gets equally outstanding reviews. When you combine the fab food with the superb service, and the inviting settings, The Capital Grille takes our top place for the best surf and turf from a chain restaurant.


To narrow down which steakhouse chains have the best and worst surf and turf, we scrutinized menus, researched where chains source their ingredients, and looked at hundreds of customer reviews. We took several factors into account, including the freshness and quality of the components, cooking techniques, portion sizes, and prices. Most importantly, we looked at whether diners enjoyed the flavors and textures and if they thought the dish was worth what they paid for it.