The Absolute Best Restaurants In The US To Order Lobster, According To Customers

Lobster has come a long way for a food that used to be reserved for the poor. Once washed up on the shores of Massachusetts in two foot piles, today lobster can fetch as much as $18 per pound. Lobsters gained in popularity — and price — across the U.S. with the advent of the railway system in the 19th century. As the crustacean became more desired across the country, restaurants started taking notice and it wasn't long before lobster was viewed as a commodity instead of a pest. By World War II, lobster had already cemented its status as a delicacy in the country.

Today, the U.S. harvests around 120 million pounds of lobster each year, with Maine and Massachusetts bringing in around 93% of this hefty haul. While some of this prized seafood is exported, much of it finds its way to seafood restaurants around the country. These eateries serve up lobster in various forms, from boiled, steamed, or broiled in-shell to lobster bisques, stews, rolls, and pasta dishes.

To bring you a roundup of the best restaurants in the U.S. to satisfy your lobster craving, we have consulted consumer reviews and examined each establishment's menu and sourcing practices. For more information on how we made our selection, take a look at the final end of this article. These seafood restaurants are the real deal, so keep reading!

Sam's Chowder House - Half Moon Bay, California

Sam's Chowder House is one of the few seafood restaurants in the U.S. that serves lobster ceviche. The indulgent treat comes with a passionfruit and pineapple vinaigrette and is served in a tortilla shell. Alternatively, hungry diners can opt for the cliff-side restaurant's 1.25–pound whole Maine lobster with drawn butter. Finally, Sam's Chowder House also serves lobster rolls, which come either naked or dressed. The Naked Lobster Roll features chunks of warm lobster drizzled with a little butter and celery. Meanwhile, the Dressed Lobster Roll includes chilled lobster meat blended with lemon aioli, chives, and celery.

While Sam's Chowder House lobster dishes have received positive reviews for being well-cooked and tasty, it's the restaurant's lobster rolls that have stolen the hearts of its customers. Josh, who reviewed the eatery for his blog California Through My Lens, was impressed with his sandwich, saying that it was jam packed with lobster pieces without too many other ingredients to overpower the crustacean's decadent flavor. Another customer agrees, saying, "The warm lobster mixed with butter has that addictive creamy taste. The amount of lobster meat that comes with it is so satisfying!"

Portland Lobster Company - Portland, Maine

Open seasonally from April, the Portland Lobster Company is all about simplicity done right. Patrons can opt for the restaurant's lobster stew, buttered lobster roll, or a steamed lobster dinner served with sides like corn on the cob, baked potato, and slaw. To ensure the freshest possible seafood, the restaurant's owner, Ethan Morgan, also purchased the Bailey Island Lobster Pier in 2023. "With the purchase of our own lobster pound in the pristine environment surrounding Bailey Island, we can ensure that our lobsters are sourced directly from the productive and healthy waters of Casco Bay," Morgan told Mainebiz in an interview.

Complementing the food is Portland Lobster Company's picturesque setting along a pier that overlooks the Portland Harbor. To make the most of its waterfront location, the restaurant has partnered up with a nearby company that takes tourists out on lobstering trips and is ready to cook up whatever the participants pull up from the lobster traps.

Portland Lobster Company's crustaceans have been a hit with diners. For instance, one reviewer says: "On the first visit, I ordered a lobster roll that came with fries and a pickle. Delicious and filling! On the second visit, I had the steamed lobster dinner. I devoured it! The 1 lb lobster was juicy, tender and the shell was easy to crack." Another enthused diner gives the restaurant's lobster 4.5 out of 5, saying, "The lobster rolls were some of the best we've had."

Truluck's - multiple locations

What makes Truluck's stand out from the pack is its range of lobster dishes. Some of these include lobster bisque, a variety of lobster tails, and lobster thermidor, a flavorful French classic dish with a lobster and Parmesan mornay. The restaurant chain also serves lobster mashed potatoes and lobster oscar, a decadent dish of lobster meat commonly topped with asparagus, crab meat, and Hollandaise sauce.

Aside from Maine lobster, Truluck's also serves a lesser known crustacean — the South African lobster. In fact, the chain is one of the few seafood restaurants in the U.S. that serve the cold-water specialty. While South African lobsters don't have large tails or claws, they more than make up for this with dense and sweet-tasting tail meat.

The lobster dishes at Truluck's have received rave reviews from patrons, who have praised both its Maine and South African lobster. One diner says: "The lobster bisque truly lives up to its hype. It really is the best one I remember ever eating." Several other reviewers are also partial to the crustacean, describing it as "cooked to perfection," "delicious," and "amazing." The restaurant's South African lobster has also received its share of praise, with one patron saying: "I highly recommend the South African lobster tails. They have an excellent consistency and are not rubbery like at some other restaurants."

Red Hook Lobster Pound - Brooklyn, New York

Red Hook Lobster Pound is known for its lobster rolls, served with two, three, or four ounces of Maine lobster. Just some of the options on the restaurant's menu include the cold Maine lobster roll with mayonnaise and the California lobster roll with lettuce, avocado, and cucumber. Perhaps the most unusual lobster item served at the restaurant is the Lobster Claw Bloody Mary, with Deep Eddy vodka, Bloody Mary mix, olives, pickles, and Maine lobster meat. Best of all, patrons can satisfy their lobster craving by adding two, three, or four ounces of the crustacean to any dish on the restaurant's menu.

True to its name, Red Hook Lobster Pound keeps its Maine lobsters in pounds, or designated tanks. They are on open display at the restaurant's flagship location on Van Brunt Street, so you can catch a glimpse of your dinner before it becomes — well — dinner. Red Hook Lobster Pound also has seasonal outlets at Rockaway, at Beach 97th, and Smorgasburg, which are operational from April to October.

Seafood-enthusiasts have given Red Hook Lobster Pound's crustaceans the thumbs up, with one diner saying: "This is still the best lobster roll I've had in the city, really reminds me of the great waterfront lobster shacks in Maine ... Lobster was perfectly prepared and you can choose between the traditional butter or mayonnaise versions." Another reviewer agrees with this assessment, commenting, "Wow! The quality of lobster is fantastic, probably the best in NYC!"

Chatham Pier Fish Market - Chatham, Massachusetts

At the Chatham Pier Fish Market, you're mere steps away from the center of the action. In fact, you can watch fishermen bring in their daily catch from a perch at one of the restaurant's waterfront picnic tables along the Chatham Fish Pier. In addition, when dining at the restaurant, you become a part of history. A smaller version of the dine-in and take-out restaurant was founded in the 1950s as Nickerson's Fish and Lobster. While the restaurant has since changed its name and layout, it still serves freshly-caught seafood by the water.

Chatham Pier Fish Market features a wide range of lobster dishes, including classics like steamed lobster and lobster bisque with sherry wine. There're also more modern takes on the crustacean, such as lobster salad and lobster mashed potatoes. However, the most popular choice from the eatery's lobster repertoire are the lobster rolls, which come with either poached or steamed versions of the ocean dweller.

Reviewers complement Chatham Pier Fish Market's lobster rolls, with one diner noting: "This is probably the best lobster roll I've had. It was so worth the price and had huge chunks of fresh lobster. I got the warm butter version and my mom had the cold with mayo. Both were next level!" Another diner comments on the roll's generous lobster filling, saying, "We've tried to decide if there is a half lobster or a whole lobster in every Lobster Roll, can't decide, only know it's fabulous."

Side Street Cafe - Bar Harbor, Maine

While Maine's Side Street Cafe doesn't serve lobsters in the shell, it incorporates the crustacean into a wide variety of dishes. Best of all, the restaurant's lobster is harvested daily in the area around Bar Harbor, where the eatery is located. This not only means a lower ecological footprint, but also the freshest possible bounty. Interestingly, USA Today once reported that Side Street Cafe's lobster mac and cheese has been called the best in the U.S. by none other than the television personality Martha Stewart. Aside from the creamy dish, the restaurant also serves a range of lobster rolls, stews, bowls, and quesadillas.

Annie Fairfax, who reviewed Side Street Cafe for her blog, has rated the restaurant's Lobstah Mac and Cheese a perfect 10 out of 10, saying that it was the best lobster pasta dish she has ever tasted (via Annie Fairfax). She has also given the same score to the restaurant's Lobster Stew, adding that it was generously portioned and consisted of around 70% lobster meat. Other reviewers also seem impressed with Side Street Cafe's lobster offerings, with one diner saying: "We did lobster rolls and lobster Mac. My fav was the Mac. So cheesy and delicious. The fresh lobster is unbeatable. The lobster roll was super good too. It was loaded with lobster and very flavorful."

The Lobster Shack - Westport, Connecticut

The Lobster Shack only does take out, and unlike many other seafood joints, it doesn't just offer lobster rolls but entire lobsters to go. This said, the no-frills eatery does specialize in rolls filled with chunks of Maine lobster from the waters of Connecticut and Rhode Island. All the rolls feature a quarter pound of lobster meat served on a butter-toasted brioche bun. So what are the choices? Just a couple of the options include the Warm Connecticut-Style roll with lobster, Boston lettuce and melted butter, and the Maine-Style Chilled Lobster Roll with lobster chunks mixed with mayo, celery, and scallions and Boston lettuce. Diners can also order the Lobster Mac 'n Cheese and The Lobster Cobb salad.

Customers wax lyrical about the quality and taste of The Lobster Shack's crustaceans. One reviewer calls the restaurant's lobster roll "a piece of heaven," adding, "The Lobster Shack definitely did not skip out on the lobster. HUGE pieces of lobster meat, fresh, and warm. Best part of the entire thing [is] it's fresh lobster." Another diner agrees, saying, "Amazing lobster rolls. The lobster was cooked perfectly. It was buttery, tender, and they gave a good portion. It was also priced well. I had a lobster roll twice the price for less than half the quality I got here the night before."

Union Oyster House - Boston, Massachusetts

Take a step back in time at the Union Oyster House, the oldest continuously operating restaurant in the U.S. Opened in 1826, the eatery has played host to such famous names as J.F.K. The restaurant even features "The Kennedy Booth" where the former president is said to have indulged in a hearty dish of lobster stew. Aside from the commemorative booth, the restaurant is decorated with historical memorabilia including newspaper clippings, photographs, and paintings. There's also a lobster tank where diners can get an idea of what their meal looked like while it was still in the ocean.

While the lobster stew favored by J.F.K. may no longer feature on the menu, Union Oyster House continues to serve various takes on New England lobster. Diners can opt for a boiled or broiled lobster, which comes in medium, large, and jumbo. Alternatively, there's the Lazy Man's Lobster for those who can't be bothered with shelling, which consists of chunks of lobster baked with cream, sherry wine, and breadcrumbs. The Union Oyster House also serves lobster rolls and lobster salads.

Diners have given Union Oyster House's lobster the thumbs up calling it "amazing," "delicious," and "perfect." One reviewer, who visited Boston on vacation, says: "We ate at several restaurants, and this was by far our favorite! The scallops and lobster dishes we had were amazing." Another diner calls the restaurant "a must stop," adding, "Best lobster in town! Food was great!"

Oyster House - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Established in 1947, the Oyster House is still operated by the third generation of the same family. Specializing in seafood, the restaurant offers an ever-changing menu of aquatic delicacies based on seasonal availability. The eatery's changing lobster options include whole Maine lobster with citrus and tarragon butter. Diners can also opt for the restaurant's chilled Lobster Roll, with generous chunks of Maine lobster meat in a mayo sauce, served in a buttered bun. The crustacean also features in the Oyster House Seafood Tower, alongside prawns, mussels, clams, oysters, ceviche mixto, and crab dip.

Oyster House's lobster dishes have received the seal of approval from diners. One patron says that their lobster dinner was "yummy," adding, "So our meal at Oyster House was a very pleasant surprise ... We both had the lobster dinner ... You get a 2 lb lobster drowned in well seasoned butter. It was delicious!" Another customer echoes this sentiment, saying, "Best lobster in town! Food was great ... A must stop if you're in town!" Several other happy diners also praise the restaurant's lobster, describing it as "spectacular," "amazing," and "the best they have ever eaten."

Fiola Mare - Washington, D.C.

An epitome of fine dining, Fiola Mare offers both refined ambiance and meticulously crafted dishes. In fact, when the restaurant first opened in 2014, NBC Washington suggested that the restaurant might be "The best thing to happen to the Georgetown waterfront since ... ever." The Italian restaurant has certainly stood the test of time, and solidified its reputation as a top dining destination in Washington D.C.

While Fiola Mare's lobster selection isn't vast, it has hit the spot with many patrons. Maine lobster is a part of the restaurant's seafood tower, taking its spot alongside other fresh seafood delicacies, including oysters, mussels, clams, tuna, and shrimp. Fiola Mare also serves lobster ravioli, which seems to have won over the crowd.

Dontae from Savory Travels says that the Lobster Ravioli is his favorite dish at the restaurant, adding that the little pasta pockets come loaded with lobster, ginger, and chives. He also notes that the dish comes with huge lobster claws on the side. Another impressed diner concurs, saying: "I am not a lover of lobster but the lobster ravioli here is beyond spectacular! [The] lobster is sweet and [has a] perfect consistency. [...] Worth every single penny!" In addition, several other diners describe the dish as "delicious," "incredible," and "sublime." We are sold!

Mignonette - Miami, Florida

Mignonette in Miami is ultra cool. Not only is the restaurant located in a refurbished gas station building from the 1930s, it's also decked out with comfortable booth seating, warehouse flooring, and oversized windows. The menu is also nothing to sneeze at. The seafood and oyster bar serves King Crab legs, Osetra caviar, scallops, octopus, and, of course, lobster. In fact, Mignonette might just be the only restaurant in the U.S. that offers lobster deviled eggs, complete with Maine lobster, chives, smoked paprika, and optional caviar. Also on the menu are lobster tails, lobster linguine with Calabrian chilis and San Marzano tomato, and lobster rolls with tarragon, celery salt, and drawn butter.

Michelle Wallach, from Check Please! South Florida, calls Mignonette "a shellfish lover's dream come true," adding that her Lobster Deviled Eggs, each topped with lobster, were divine. In fact, the dish is a firm favorite, with another diner saying: "We especially loved the lobster deviled eggs (which we ordered twice and ALMOST a third time). Would definitely go back." The restaurant's lobster roll has also received praise, with one diner giving it five out of five and commenting: "The Lobster roll was terrific, melted in my mouth, rich and creamy on a brioche bun, and came with two very delicious sides."


If you have a hankering for fresh, expertly-prepared lobster, our list of the best restaurants in the U.S. to order the aquatic delicacy has you covered. And we have done our due diligence to ensure that you only get the best of the best in terms of freshness and flavor. Firstly, we have read countless customer reviews to narrow down a selection of seafood restaurants that are favored by customers. Next, we looked at each establishment's lobster sourcing practices, where available. Finally, we took into account the range of lobster dishes served at each restaurant ... the more lobster the better, after all.