Leftover Cake Is The Ultimate Add-In For Store-Bought Ice Cream

There are two issues that we often encounter when it comes to desserts. The first is that, having had a birthday or some other celebration, there always seems to be leftover cake. This is all well and good for the first few days of that delicious, sugary treat — but after a while, the same slice of cake can get a little cloying. Plus, it'll dry out after a while, even if you are using our favorite parchment paper hack for leftover cake.

The second issue is that so many store-bought ice creams never quite live up to their promise of giving us a fixin'-packed scoop every time. And it's those extra ingredients that are arguably the best part about enjoying an ice cream with mix-ins, adding texture and flavorful diversity to your spoonful.

There are many different ways of customizing store-bought ice cream, like adding a splash of olive oil on top (yes, really!). Plus, everyone knows that cake pops are a delicious way of giving your aging cake a new lease on life. But if the weather gets warm and you want a refreshing bowl of something cool, why not combine the two into one delicious dessert?

Turning cake into an ice cream mix-in

Here's the solution to both of those dessert dilemmas: Repurpose your leftover cake by mixing chunks of it into your store-bought ice cream. It'll make your next bowl even more drool-worthy, and the process is simple.

When you've eaten all of the leftover cake you can possibly stomach, slice the cake into good-sized pieces and put them into the freezer to harden up. You'll want to have them chilling for, at least, 30 minutes. By doing this, you'll ensure the cubes won't disintegrate completely when you mix them into your ice cream.

When the 30 minutes are up, get a hardy spatula and thoroughly fold the chunks into your ice cream to make sure there is an evenly dispersed cake-to-ice-cream ratio. The really great thing about this is that the world is your oyster when it comes to flavor combinations. A fruity, strawberry ice cream with leftover angel food cake? Divine. Chocolate cake and a pint of cherry-flavored ice cream? That's a spin on a black forest gateau waiting to happen! Don't be afraid to get creative; you're just an old cake and a lonely pint of ice cream away from culinary delight.