Dunkin's Summer Lineup Is All About S'mores

Summer is the season of campfires — and campfires mean s'mores! In honor of everyone's favorite fireside treat, Dunkin's new summer menu (available June 26) is oozing with chocolate and marshmallow, according to a press release.

When it's too hot for a fire, you can cool down and get your s'mores fix all at once with Dunkin's new Bonfire S'mores Frozen Coffee. The icy drink — blended with vanilla and s'mores flavors then topped with whipped cream, mocha drizzle, and graham crumbles — is an updated, amped-up version of some of the s'mores offerings Dunkin' introduced in summer 2017. That's when the coffee giant first made it possible to give your go-to Dunkin' drink the s'mores treatment.

Also on the chain's summer menu is the s'mores cold brew, which is pumped full of s'mores flavor, piled high with sweet and creamy marshmallow cold foam, then topped with graham crumble. Although Buddy Valastro has a tip for making the perfect s'mores (not burning your marshmallows), you may still be interested in outsourcing your campfire treats to Dunkin' this summer, as the chain has announced the return of its s'mores donut. Chocolate-frosted and stuffed with marshmallow filling, the graham cracker-topped donut sounds like breakfast combined with a late-night snack.

Dunkin' fans seem excited about the summer of s'mores

Even before Dunkin's s'mores donut returned to the market, the internet was abuzz with excitement. "Pretty d*mn good in my opinion," wrote one Reddit user who claimed that the donut hit their local Dunkin' location before its official release date. "I can't wait to try it," one commenter chimed in. Folks were equally excited about the offering on food blogger @markie_devo's Instagram post, which leaked Dunkin's then-rumored Summer 2024 lineup on June 3.

"Yessssssss I'm here for all the s'mores!" one commenter wrote. "Has Dunkin been in the room while I've been whining about wanting smores this whole time[?]" another quipped.

Sticking with its nostalgic backyard barbecue theme, Dunkin's summer menu also includes the hot honey bacon sandwich. According to the press release, this item will include egg, hot honey bacon, white cheddar cheese, and a brioche bun. Made in collaboration with Mike's Hot Honey, which has become a cult favorite among spicy-food lovers, the hot honey bacon can also be ordered as a standalone snack. Although @markie_devo suggested that this may mean the end of the brand's Green Goddess Wrap, which made our list of the best new fast food items of 2024 so far, we're excited to see how the sweet and spicy new sandwich — available for $3 between July 2 and July 8 — holds up.