TikTok's Viral Pickle Boat Is The Best Way To Serve Tuna Salad Without Bread

You've heard of lettuce wraps to replace bread, but what about a pickle boat? A pickle boat is simply a pickle hollowed out to perfectly fit sandwich-worthy toppings. It's a delicious bread replacement, especially for pickle fans, and goes especially well with tuna salad. Pickles are snappy, acidic, and salty, and tuna salad is creamy and savory. The two make a sensible pairing bursting with flavor.

Tuna salad pickle boats have been circulating on TikTok, and different creators have been putting their spins on the ingredients, assembly, and flavors. Regardless, pickle boats are so easy to prepare: Start with a basic tuna salad recipe and either keep it simple or adorn it with ingredients that will upgrade your tuna salad, like Greek yogurt instead of mayo or a drop of jalapeño juice for heat. Tuna salad is one of those meals where everyone has a unique recipe, and the way that each pickle boat on TikTok is different reflects this. A scoop of your favorite tuna salad in a pickle boat makes an incredible lunch for one or fun finger food at a large party. No one will be missing out on the bread.

Delicious pickle boat variations

Although any preparation of tuna salad tastes great in a pickle boat, some ingredients and flavors enhance the pickle-tuna pairing. Dill is a great ingredient to use since it is fresh, herbaceous, and reminiscent of dill pickles. TikTok creator @alexawhatsfordinner uses dill and other diced veggies in a vegetarian chickpea version of tuna salad. Spicy tuna salad preparations also taste great because they mimic the irresistible qualities of a spicy pickle. Another TikTok creator, @shewillevolve, presented two different spicy recipes: one with spicy mayo (which can be made by adding Sriracha to mayo) or one with buffalo sauce.


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There are a couple of ways you can prep a pickle boat for tuna salad. The first method done by @alexawhatsfordinner takes "boat" more literally. By slicing a whole pickle in half and scooping out its seedy contents, you're left with a long pickle boat that acts as a bowl. Plus, the more pickle you scoop out, the more tuna cargo you can pack inside. Alternatively, slice a triangular wedge out of a whole pickle like @shewillevolve does to create something that looks like a hotdog bun. This option is great for those who want more juicy pickle per bite. Whether you're aiming to cut out the bread or just want a refreshing meal, pickle boats are the way to go.