Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski Reveals The One Food He Won't Eat

Everybody's got that one food they just can't stand, something that they'd have to be starving before they'd even consider eating, and even then it would be a tough choice. What's your most-hated food — does broccoli make you barf? Tofu turn your stomach? Are you a liver-loather or a hummus-hater?

Antoni Porowski from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy recently revealed in an interview with Us Weekly that there's a rather esoteric food that makes him say "yuck!" — he's no fan of caraway, the seeds that often add their mildly anise-flavored accent to savory baked goods, pickles, and sausages, and even, according to Food and Wine, the oddball Dutch liqueur known as kümmel.

The childhood trauma that turned Antoni Porowski off this food

Porowski revealed that his hatred for caraway was not something he was born with, but he acquired it pretty early in life — at the age of 4, to be exact. Evidently, little Antoni developed a precocious passion for Nutella or a similar product (he didn't name-drop any particular brand in the interview), so when his parents left a loaf of bread out on the counter, he didn't hesitate to grab a slice and slather on the spread. In hindsight, he described the flavors of chocolate and hazelnut mixed with caraway as "not a combination that should be ever happening for anybody," but his younger self didn't let this peculiar pairing stand in the way of gobbling down three slices of the dubious taste sensation.

The traumatic part occurred when the combo proved too much for Porowski's tiny tummy, and he yakked up all over the floor. His parents were entertaining guests at the time (hence the unattended loaf of bread), and, well, everyone who's ever attended elementary school (or a particularly hard-partying college) knows how embarrassing it can be to spew in front of an audience.

Porowski's preferred eats

Porowski obviously recovered from his hurl-fest, but he totally blames the caraway seeds for his long-ago humiliation. He told US Weekly, "Caraway seeds are something that I still haven't been able to stomach since!" 

While the author of Antoni in the Kitchen may never get over this particular aversion, he's still quite the foodie. In the interview, Porowski revealed his current fave indulgence, charcuterie, and a cheeseboard. He says he can happily make an entire dinner — just one day a week — out of assorted cold meats and cheeses (just not, one assumes, including the caraway seed-studded version of Havarti).

Still, it seems Queer Eye's resident foodie got off lightly from his seed-induced suffering — what if it had left him with a lifelong aversion to bread, or, worse, to Nutella? It would be a crying (or puking) shame if Porowski had to miss out on amazing creations like Nutella-coated bacon.