The Truth About Dollar Tree's $1 Cheeseburgers

When it comes to dollar store foods, people tend to be of two minds. There are some who shudder and turn up their noses, while others say, hmm, it's just a buck, might as well check it out. If you belong to Team No Way, you're not going to like Dollar Tree's Fast Bite frozen cheeseburgers because you're never even going to try them. If you're a member of Team Why Not, though, you might find them to be a pleasant surprise.

According to the Clark shopping blog, these 5-ounce single-serve cheeseburgers are among Dollar Tree's most popular frozen items, along with their pizza rolls, pepper stir-fry mix, and much-maligned ribeye steaks. What's the deal with these cheap burgers, and are they actually any good? 

Dollar Tree cheeseburgers have plenty of protein

Although you may not associate Dollar Tree with healthy eating, each of these cheese-topped burgers contains 16 grams of protein, which, according to Healthline, is more than a quarter of the recommended daily amount for the average sedentary man and around a third required by a sedentary woman. They do pack in some calories (380, according to this post on Instagram), but that's not a huge surprise as they also contain 17 grams of fat — a cool 150 of those calories come directly from the burger's fat content. 

If you're looking for a 100 percent beef patty — well, you're not going to find it at the Dollar Tree, as this burger contains quite a few ingredients that are decidedly not beef, such as soy and corn, but you can't exactly expect high-quality beef in a burger that only costs a buck. 

How do Dollar Tree's Fast Bite cheeseburgers taste?

While there are a number of food bloggers who taste-test Dollar Tree food items just so they can have an excuse to snark about them, people who regularly rely on budget cuisine often have differing opinions. Okay, so nobody's going to mistake a Dollar Tree cheeseburger for some gourmet creation and it will not make your tastebuds explode with joy (that would, at the least, require the addition of bacon) but it's a burger that costs a buck. (No upcharge for cheese!) As an added plus, it doesn't even require the time or effort of a trip through the drive-thru.

While a reviewer at a food blog found this burger to taste kind of crummy, some of the commenters (the ones who'd actually eaten the product) felt differently. One said, "I tried one and it was ok Good late night munch," while another said the cheeseburgers are "good as long as you dont over cook them." 

YouTuber TosTinMan EasyCooking actually quite liked the Fast Bites burger he tried, saying, "I would give this a pretty good rating... it's pretty decent," but an even more ringing endorsement came from another YouTuber, Old Nerd Reviews. He found the burger to have a "good amount of cheese on it," and praised its "grilled taste" as well as the bun's "nice, soft moistness." He summed up his review of the Dollar Tree cheeseburger by saying "Good stuff, great price, tastes yummy. This makes for a good, fast, cheap meal."