Vegan Shoppers Are Obsessed With This New Aldi Product

Who doesn't love a new Aldi find? The German grocer is known for providing shoppers with quality products at low prices. From fall-flavored K-cups to vegan mac 'n' cheese to easy-peasy breakfast French Toast Bites, Aldi has something for everyone at prices that will make your wallet as happy as your tummy. One Aldi find that has superfans and vegan shoppers experiencing utter delight? Vegan products from Loma Linda. Plant Based News reports that the animal product-free items hit Aldi shelves in early September of this year.

This plant-based brand has been around for over 100 years, and has sought to provide a healthy alternative for meat-based products. Owned by Atlantic Natural Foods, consumers can expect their products to be sustainably sourced, packed with nutrition, and socially responsible. The Vegan's Pantry believes that Loma Linda food products are a great option for anyone looking for something plant-based that is quick to make on those extra busy days or even just days you don't want to cook. Consumers of Loma Linda products are sure to find something they'll enjoy, with products such as chipotle bowls, pad thai, taco filling, and even TUNO sweet chili (the brand's seafood alternative). Whether you are trying to live a healthier lifestyle or are simply looking for something new to try, Loma Linda will most definitely have something that will speak to your heart and your stomach.

Why shoppers are loving Aldi's new Loma Linda vegan products

Loma Linda foods are heat-and-eat meals that are ready in one minute and pack around six to nine grams of protein per serving, according to Chic Vegan. The outlet states that Loma Linda foods would also be great for camping trips or to keep at your desk for when you're looking for something quick.

Loma Linda products aren't just delighting vegans and vegetarians, but people who eat meat as well! On the Reddit message board r/Aldi, user blue_sky99 (a self-professed carnivore) was happy when they were able to find this "amazing" product being stocked at their local Aldi (they claimed to have found the plant-based brand at Costco in the past). The Texas-based reddit user admitted to loving Loma Linda's Chipotle Bowl because it was a quick and healthy lunch option. Not only did they say the product packed a great taste, but they didn't miss the meat at all (and as a Texan you can imagine that is a great feat)! Reviewers on Socialnature also gave Loma Linda's products four solid stars in terms of overall quality, loving not only how the food is quick to make, but also how fresh it tastes. A first-time eater of vegan products even noted how "surprisingly good" the products are, stating they went on to buy them again. So whether you're fully living a plant-based lifestyle or not, be sure to check out Aldi's new Loma Linda options!