Why Everyone's Talking About Krispy Kreme's New Monster Donuts

Happy Halloween! Okay, so it's still a few weeks away, but in times gone by we'd be well into the festive season already. Not feeling it this year? Not too surprising, what with pumpkin season arriving two months early, not to mention all the confusion about when/how/if there will be trick-or-treating this year. It's also kind of hard to get in the mood for a horror-movie marathon when we've had a whole year full of scary stuff already, making ghoulies and ghosties seem, well, a bit redundant.

Well, you know what would make everybody feel better? A nice big sugary doughnut, that's what! And not just any doughnut, a delicious Krispy Kreme one. Better yet, a very special limited edition Halloween edition Krispy Kreme doughnut! And, best of all, a sweet, sweet promo that can score you a dozen of these doughnuts for an unbelievably low price.

Meet the donut monsters

According to information provided by Krispy Kreme, starting October 5, it will open the crypt to reveal three spooky new doughnuts. The Frank Monster is filled with Original Kreme, frosted with green icing (of course), and decorated with sprinkles and pretzel "bolts." The Drake Monster ("Drake" as in "Drac," not as in Uncharted's Nathan Drake, rapper Drake, or Drake and Josh Drake) has raspberry filling, purple frosting, and fangs, while the Wolfie Monster consists of an Original Glazed dipped in chocolate icing and decorated with Chocolate Kreme, sugar pieces, and cinnamon crunch cereal ears. According to a Krispy Kreme press release, these Scary Sweet Monster Doughnuts are meant to "incite doughnut delight instead of fright" (as long as you don't look at the calorie count, that is).

And since everybody loves a doughnut deal, beginning on October 10th, every Saturday through Halloween will be designated a "Sweet or Treat" day where each purchase of a dozen donuts entitles the customer to buy a special "Sweet-or-Treat" dozen (complete with limited-edition Jack-O-Lantern doughnut) for just a buck more. Sound like a sugar overload? Well, they're encouraging customers to share the diabetes love with family, friends, and neighbors, but with the latter two categories, you should probably find a way to do so from a distance – perhaps something like this man's doughnut cannon (via YouTube) would work. Who needs trick-or-treating anyway if we can just stay home and fire pastries at each other?