The Reason People Think Quavo Might Soon Get A McDonald's Meal Deal

First, McDonald's got together with rapper Travis Scott to promote Scott's favorite McDonald's meal from his days growing up in Houston. After a hugely successful month selling Scott's Quarter Pounder with bacon and lettuce, plus fries and a Sprite, McDonald's moved on to the J Balvin meal. The Colombian recording artist's favorite meal, including a Big Mac with no pickle and an Oreo McFlurry, is still available through November 1. Is Atlanta rapper Quavo, who is part of the popular hip-hop trio Migos, next in line for a special McDonald's meal?

Quavo, whose government name is Quavious Keyate Marshall (via High Snobriety), fueled speculation that he's got next with his recent Instagram post, telling the world what his favorite McDonald's meal is: a plain double cheeseburger, the new Spicy McNuggets, and fries with barbecue sauce. Media outlets including XXL and Hypebeast speculated that Quavo might be dropping a hint about a future collaboration with McDonald's that's already in the works. TMZ and Billboard wondered if Quavo was pitching McDonald's to give him the same love Scott and Balvin received. Or maybe Quavo was just in the mood to share. After all, millions upon millions of Instagram posts have been nothing more than photographs of lunch.

Quavo partnered with Popeyes and its hugely popular chicken sandwich

We're guessing Quavo won't be the third celebrity meal special at McDonald's, at least not with the order he recently posted to Instagram. For one thing, the Spicy McNuggets were a limited-time offer that McDonald's said weeks ago was on the verge of selling out. Also, where's the drink? Scott had the Sprite. Balvin had the McFlurry, which isn't a drink exactly but comes in a cup at least. Finally, we wonder if Quavo would be acceptable to McDonald's franchisees in middle America. 

Two-thirds of franchise-owners disapproved of the fast-food chain's partnership with Scott because of his explicit lyrics (via Restaurant Business). While Scott rapping about sex and drugs does not amount to a crime, Quavo has had some run-ins with the law (via High Snobriety). In 2018, he was accused of assaulting a jeweler and stealing his $30,000 chain. His attorney said he was innocent and that this was "yet another example of a young, African-American hip-hop star potentially being treated unfairly by the criminal justice system" (via UPROXX).

If Quavo and McDonald's do collaborate, it won't be the first time the rapper has gone into business with a fast-food chain. Quavo bragged on Instagram in August 2019 that he had scored a supply of the brand-new, hard-to-find Popeyes chicken sandwiches. As a result of that post, Quavo and the other Migos members had their names on combo meals at Popeyes, available only through Uber Eats (via TMZ).