McDonald's Has Bad News About Its New Spicy McNuggets

They say there's no such thing as too much of a good thing, but McDonald's is proving once again that you can definitely have too little of it. If you've been meaning to try McDonald's Spicy Chicken McNuggets, well you better hurry. For the second time in recent memory, the chain's restaurants are running out of a promotional menu item that is proving to be more popular than they expected.

Business Insider reports that on Septemper 16th, McDonald's debuted the Spicy McNuggets alongside the all new Mighty Hot Sauce and Chips Ahoy McFlurry. Two weeks later, McDonald's restaurants are reportedly running out of all three, and the outlet says you can expect them to disappear from the chain's menu any day now. Like the Travis Scott meal before it, the Spicy McNuggets, hot sauce, and new McFlurry were planned to only appear on McDonald's menus for a limited time; but Business Insider points out that at two weeks, the menu items seem a little extremely limited, suggesting the fast food chain simply wasn't prepared for the rush of customers who would be interested in trying the first new McNugget flavor since the battered chicken bites were introduced back in 1983 (via Restaurant Dive).

McDonald's Spicy McNuggets and Chips Ahoy McFlurry might come back

On Twitter you'll find that people either loved the Spicy McNuggets or absolutely hated them, but either way, people were definitely buying them. Twitter user @OhBree even enjoyed the limited menu item so much, they got the spicy nuggets four times in one week! Reviews on the social media platform of the Chips Ahoy McFlurry were more collectively positive. Twitter user @TheDragonPup thought the new McFlurry flavor would be even more popular that the limited time Travis Scott meal — which McDonald's introduced on September 8th — tweeting, "Travis Scott Meal is irrelevant because Chips Ahoy McFlurry is the GOAT at McDs." Many people, including Twitter user @kwyatt93, liked both the Spicy McNuggets and the Chips Ahoy McFlurry: "McDonald's spicy nugs and chips ahoy McFlurry are GAMECHANGERS. Turned a completely average day into a +100. America needs the positivity McDonald's, thank you."

The Mighty Hot Sauce, the first new dipping sauce flavor from McDonald's since 2017, was a hit too. What people liked the most about the new sauce was that it was truly hot (via The Impulsive Buy). Given the more or less positive response to all three new menu items, McDonald's might just follow through on its hint that they could make a comeback. The chain told Business Insider, "If our customers truly can't get enough, there's always a chance we'll bring limited-time menu items back in the future. You never know, you might just see some of these fan-favorites again soon."