These Massive Sam's Club Pies Have Everyone Talking

As we all gear up for a fairly low-key holiday season, Sam's Club is here to lend a hand — which will be useful when it comes to carrying one of their massive four-and-a-half-pound apple lattice pies to your car (via Delish). That's right, Sam's Club's famous pies are here, and not only are they huge, they're also very reasonably priced. According to Instagram Sam's Club fan account @samsclubmembers (who first spotted the massive pies in-store), you can choose between a 12-inch pumpkin pie for $5.98, 10-inch cherry lattice pie for $7.98, 10-inch peach pie for $7.98, 12-inch pecan pie for $11.98, and a gigantic 72-ounce apple lattice pie for only $8.98. If you can't possibly choose, you could always buy one of each! You'll only end up spending $42.90.

The comments on the @samsclubmembers Instagram post show that customers are more than ready for some pie, most listing off which flavors they plan on buying. One commenter wrote: "Peach and pumpkin" with a heart-eyes emoji, while another replied with a very relatable "I'll have one of each, please." Sadly, there's one fan favorite that has yet to return this year. According to one commenter: "They need to bring back the caramel apple pie!" Luckily the baked goods section of Sam's club contains plenty of other seasonal treats to fill that sugary void.

Even more fall treats are available at Sam's Club

For those of us who don't prefer pie, Sam's Club still has you covered when it comes to Halloween treats. For one thing, they've got some super cute ghost and pumpkin shaped cookies for sale. 12 of these spooky iced shortbread cookies will run you just $6.98 (via Instagram). If you want something with a little more frosting, you can pick up some of their Halloween cupcakes. These vanilla cupcakes come topped with orange, green, and indigo frosting that looks so vivid, they might just dye your mouth a fun and creepy color too (via Instagram). 15 of the Halloween themed cupcakes cost $8.98, and the wholesale chain is charging $13.43 for a box of 30.

Sam's Club is also a great place to pick up your favorite miniature candy bars before you're visited by any socially-distanced trick-or-treaters. According to the Sam's Club website, a 240-count bag of Milky Way, Milky Way Midnight, Snickers, 3 Musketeers, and Twix bite size candy bars is just $16.42. On the fruitier side, a variety bag of 255 fun sized Skittles and Starburst packs will run you $16.38. It might be worthwhile to stop off at Sam's Club before the festivities begin to make sure your home is well-stocked with treats for you and your family to enjoy this All Hallows' Eve, as well as throughout the holiday season.