This Was Jacques Pépin's Wife's Favorite Dish

Gloria Pépin, the wife of famed chef, television personality, and culinary instructor Jacques Pépin, passed away peacefully in their home in Madison, Connecticut on December 5th, according to a statement posted on Jacques Pépin's Facebook page. Throughout their 54-year marriage, Jacques and Gloria ran a small soup restaurant in New York City called La Potagerie and opened a café in Connecticut called Gloria's French Café. Despite what must have been a very demanding schedule, the pair always made time for each other. According the Facebook post, the couple "made sure to sit at the table every night for dinner, enjoying their meal and a glass of wine, intentionally reaffirming their marriage and their love."

Although Gloria reportedly possessed some fine culinary skills of her own, Jacques Pépin evidently still often cooked for her. On December 4th, Jacques shared a video on Facebook revealing one of the recipes his wife enjoyed the most — his version of Arroz con Pollo, or chicken and rice. In the video, the chef explains Gloria's affinity for Latin flavors comes from her Puerto Rican and Cuban heritage. Here's a peek inside Jaques Pépin's wife's favorite dish.

How to make Gloria Pepin's favorite chicken and rice

Jacques Pépin humbly describes his wife's favorite dish as "chicken wings with rice and beans" in the Facebook video he shared on social media and, of course, it winds up looking completely comforting and delicious. The video recipe begins with Pépin sautéing chopped bacon in a skillet, and then browning about a dozen chicken wings in the bacon fat. Can we all agree, Gloria Pépin obviously had great taste as this dish sounds amazing right off the bat? Next, Jacques removes the bacon and adds diced onion, garlic, and jalapeno to the pan, followed by a cup of rice.

In a very chef-y move, Jacques then puts back in the bacon and adds chickpeas and the liquid from the can, plus enough water to equal two cups of liquid total. Why use only water when you have that aquafaba on hand? A cup of diced tomatoes goes in next, along with cumin, salt, and chopped cilantro stems that Jacques had stashed away in his freezer. We knew freezing cilantro was a thing, but leave it to Chef Pépin to remind us not to waste those stems, either. The whole mixture simmers for 25 minutes and then is ready to be served. Jacques commented, "I think my wife would be happy with it," before adding a final garnish of Tabasco and olive oil. In honor of the late Gloria Pépin, consider giving this dish a try for yourself and see if it becomes your new favorite as well.