Aldi Shoppers Can't Get Enough Of This Sweet Wine

Aldi has turned from an outlier in the grocery shopping field to an effective titan that has managed to impress even the mighty Walmart. The German discount chain eschews traditional overblown supermarket isles in favor of minimalist design, stripped-down selections, and a tendency to eschew brand-name items in favor of its own store brands. 

While this novel strategy does admittedly result in the occasional overpriced item or sub-par dishwashing liquid, plenty of Aldi's products are actually better than the originals. However, this doesn't mean that everything that's great in an Aldi store is their own brand. In fact, one particular treat comes from Stella Rosa Wines, a Californian winery founded by the Ribolis — the family behind Los Angeles' San Antonio Winery, which they founded way back in 1917. Now, it appears that one of their sweeter products is receiving well-deserved attention as one of the expanding array of awesome Aldi products. Let's take a look at why Aldi shoppers can't get enough of this particular sweet wine.      

Stella Rosa Golden Honey Peach wine is a sweet, fizzy treat

The wine in question is Stella Rosa's Golden Honey Peach, and a recent post by the Aldi-enthusiastic Instagram account Aldi.mademedoit made it extremely clear that it's as amazing as it gets. "Ok we absolutely loved this," they wrote. "It was sweet and a little fizzy! We definitely recommend the honey peach Stella Rosa." Stella Rosa Wines describes the Golden Honey Peach wine in a way that makes it easy to agree on the sentiment. With a flavor profile of apricot, honeydew melon and peach, the company stands proudly behind the product. "Others will say it is too 'extra' but really, those others are 'not enough,'" the product description states. "Shine bright, baby!" 

Seeing as many comments on aldi.mademedoit's post expressed love for the product and interest to try it, it seems clear that plenty of Aldi shoppers are indeed ready to shine bright. In fact, it seems that it's very, very hard to hate the product, judging by one slightly critical commenter, who happily admits that the product is "perfect" — they just wish that it had a little more alcohol.