The Most Underrated Aldi Holiday Drinks

It would be shocking if the boulder-sized lump of coal that is the year 2020 didn't top Santa's naughty list. But even when times get rough, diamonds can shine through. One of this year's precious gems is the ability to literally drink in the holiday spirit, and we don't just mean the rum in your eggnog. We're talking about the thrift that keeps on giving: the low-priced, high-quality holiday drinks at Aldi.

You probably know already that Aldi has a bevy of beverages that you should keep stocked in your fridge no matter what season it is. And while you're celebrating the holidays at ho-ho-home, Aldi's booze-tastic Advent calendars might help you view the world through cheer googles. But in order to have a truly holly-jolly holiday season in liquid form, you should think out of the box your calendar alcohol came in and celebrate some festive beverages that those of us without Santa-like omniscience might have overlooked when writing our nice lists. Here's a taste of what you might be missing.

Go nuts with Aldi's almond nog

Obviously, you can't hatch holiday plans without breaking a few eggnog bottles open. Or can you? To be clear, we're not saying eggnog isn't the deliciousness it's cracked up to be, just that your taste buds should expand their circle of friends. And what better what to do that than having some Friendly Farms Almond Nog?

Admittedly, Aldi fans have been divided over whether this vegan beverage offers enough of the taste and consistency that years of binging on raw eggy decadence have taught us to expect. But some adore it, like this one Redditor who raved, "It's fantastic!! Tastes like egg nog, but not as thick of a consistency. Love it." It also has the advantage of being healthier than traditional eggnog, clocking in at just 100 calories, 3 grams of fat, and 16 grams of sugar per cup, according to Nutritionix. That same quantity of Friendly Farms Eggnog packs 360 calories, 16 grams of fat, and 42 grams of sugar (via MyFitnessPal).

Plus, Delish points out that Friendly Farms Almond Nog can be used in a number of fun, potentially tasty ways. One person commented on Instagram that they used it in French toast batter while another enjoyed it as a coffee creamer. And since Insider says a 32-ounce carton costs just $2.89, you might be able to afford plenty to experiment with. It's made with almonds, so why not go nuts with it?

Get a kick out of Christkindl Apple Punch

There's a good chance you're familiar with Aldi's Christkindl Glühwein, which rocks harder than jingle bells. It's been known to under-stay its welcome on Aldi's shelves, selling out shortly after it arrives (via Aldi Aisle of Shame). If you know "Glühwein" means "glow-wine" in German (per The Kitchn), you also know you'll feel a real holiday glow as you consume what sounds like the liquid embodiment of Christmas. But don't let it totally outshine Christkindl Apple Punch.

A hot apple drink flavored with cloves and cinnamon, it sounds like liquid comfort on a cold winter day. However, whether it counts as underrated will partly depend on how strong you like or alcohol. For some people, Christkindl Apple Punch packs too much of a punch, thanks to its 9 percent alcohol content. One Redditor said they "shuddered" upon tasting it and had to dilute it with apple cider to make it "much better." But one person's unpleasant punch is another person's "nice kick," which is exactly what a different Redditor said this punch had in 2019. In a YouTube review, Dar the Pirate described it as "a nice winter warmer" with "a nice apple flavor" and thought it was so nice that he entertained the idea of finishing off the bottle by a fire.

It also has a nice price, costing just $5.99 for a 1-liter bottle, according to Insider. Aldi recommends enjoying this drink with cake, gingerbread, and cookies. So if you're not into fighting but still want to get punch-drunk, try Christkindl Apple Punch.