Taco Bell Has Good News For Fans Of Their Popular Nacho Fries

It's been a tough year for the restaurant industry all over the planet, as everyone is well aware. Even fast food chains who saw business boom as drive-thrus saw lines stretching for what seemed like miles (at least to those sitting trapped in the lines) were still struggling to keep up with increased demand at a time when employees were in short supply. Not to mention, all of a sudden there was a need to implement stringent — and time-consuming — safety protocols. In order to cope, many chains took steps to streamline as much of the food service process as they could, and in many instances this meant shorter menus.

Well, this in turn provoked quite a backlash among enraged consumers. The brightest spots in our long quarantine days, after all, mostly revolved around mealtimes (as was the case with our pre-pandemic days, as well, come to think of it), and we would never have made it through without our beloved comfort foods. One restaurant that came in for its share of well-deserved wrath was Taco Bell after they made the drastic decision to downsize the menu by removing all potato products. But Delish reports we no longer need to mourn, for we bring tidings of great joy: Nacho Fries are coming back! Let the rejoicing begin.

The well-timed return of Nacho Fries

Never let it be said that Taco Bell's marketing team doesn't know how to schedule things. The day they plan to bring back this fan favorite, something that Chewboom says has been the chain's most successful menu item even (over 347 million sold since 2018), is December 24. Not only does that allow us to build anticipation for another week, but it's also bound to move a whole bunch of Taco Bell gift cards as they suddenly became a hot commodity as stocking stuffers.

If you were hoping for a return of Steak Rattlesnake, Reaper Ranch, or Buffalo Chicken Nacho Fries, well, sorry, we can't have everything. But classic Nacho Fries are still enough to make our season bright, for only $1.39. or if you really want to get festive, they also come in a $5 box with a taco (the crunchy kind), a Beefy 5-Layer Burrito, and a medium fountain drink. While they're not using the dreaded words "limited time only," still, you never know, it's an uncertain world out there. Better get them now while they're hot (literally and metaphorically) – but if the menu fairy would grant us one Taco Bell-centric wish for the new year, it would be this: please, pretty please bring back the Mexican Pizza!